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  1. Olds442

    Jay Leno checks out the Cybertruck.

    sorry it's CNBC and all. looking forward to seeing the whole episode.
  2. Olds442

    Groupers, the honey badger of the seas.

    grouper eats shark.
  3. Olds442

    I managed to attract Blue Jays to the yard.

    so we see and hear blue jays all the time around here but never see them at our feeders. a couple days ago i looked up "how to attract blue jays. no wonder we don't see them, they basically like unsalted peanuts in the shell, in a tall platform feeder. so i pieced together the best one i could...
  4. Olds442

    Post your blooms, green thumbs and other colors welcome.

    i thought we could us a spring/summer/fall blooms thread to brighten up everyone's lockdown or re-open depending on your state. i put the clematis there to hide the gutter downspout. they love sun, it's going nuts. this is my favorite azalea. the landlord of the house i rented a couple...
  5. Olds442

    Two damns burst in Michigan, Gov declared State of Emergency.

    looks really bad. the lake should be empty by end of the day today.
  6. Olds442

    The WORM is back, and Demo 2 crew mission to ISS will wear it first.

    a history of the worm logo, which i found pretty interesting. demo 2, the first american rocket to carry astronauts to the iss is set for May 27, at 4:32PM, and will wear the WORM.
  7. Olds442

    ULA Atlas 5 launch, in a few minutes if not delayed further. holding at T-4:00.

    supposed to go up in a few minutes, but weather may delay the launch. launching the Space Plane again. The Space Force will launch a robotic X-37B space plane on a new secret mission for the U.S. military today (May 16) and you can watch it live online. Weather permitting, the X-37B space...
  8. Olds442

    I just killed a rain forest. again...

    third bucket in 4 days. i hate silver maple droppings, they sprout little trees throughout a yard i've worked hard to make resemble a lawn. i have 3 of these trees, and have only picked up from the one in back. i'll likely just mow the ones in front to rid the yard of them. it's mid 40f...
  9. Olds442

    Musk back on Rogan

    @SteveC time to short bro!
  10. Olds442

    Jeff Bezos could be in big trouble.

    Amazon has copied so many 3rd party products it's not even funny. This will be interesting to watch play out.
  11. Olds442

    it was time for a change, so a new #1. BBQ content.

    i've been using the "Ivory" master touch for the past couple years. but having the "Lime" sitting under the cover, only coming out when a second kettle was needed, just didn't seem fair. so i've cleaned and covered the "Ivory" and pulled out the "Lime" for the foreseeable. Photo bomb...
  12. Olds442

    The one wheel motorcycle. Ryno Motors

    it's like segway meets a unicycle.
  13. Olds442

    How do you put someone on "ignore"?

    i'm trying to put someone on ignore, how do you do that? does it make their posts invisible? that's what i'm hoping. let me know, thanks. happy friday everyone. :cheers2:
  14. Olds442

    NASA Gateway Logistical Services Contract award nomination.

    Here's the NASA announcement. The attachment is an interesting read for a Friday. It's 24 pages long so, buckle in. I wasn't sure if @TheX or @lancpudn had posted anything on this yet, so my...
  15. Olds442

    Goodbye door to the 1950's. NDD

    this money pit of a house was built around 1956. i believe that's the original door. the veneer has been stripped off and it was repainted a long, long time ago. today is her last day on the job. RIP old door.
  16. Olds442

    SpaceX Starship V4 collapses during testing.

    More of an implosion than explosion this time. Scott Manley's take is that it was more of a failed test due to how the tanks were pressurized. a situation that wouldn't happen during a mission. So it's more of a test failure, than a rocket failure.
  17. Olds442

    Triumph > Rush

    i'll never get how Rush got to be more successful than Triumph. While Alex is a fine guitar player and such, Rick blew him off the continent. I've seen Rush a couple times in concert in the late 80s, and I am a fan as much as any other un-fuckable dude on this forum. but Triumph was just...
  18. Olds442

    Behold my Jumbalaya!

    i'm so full. that was insanely easy and tastes amazing. we added some chicken and smoked sausage but didn't have any shrimp. I highly recommend this! I've long been a fan of the Bayou cooking, and this is my new favorite Jumba. I'll take some Gumbo recommendations in return for sharing...
  19. Olds442

    The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, from the makers of The Curse of Oak Island.

    I hope they find more than chisels and trinkets. Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 488 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah that is reputed to be the site of paranormal and...

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