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  1. dave b

    A very special NGD

    New granddaughter day. Lyla was born last night @ 10, just after I got home from band practice. A healthy 6&1/2lbs. Her mom said the second time around was a LOT easier:laugh2: My grandson is now a big brother:applause:. Finally, a girl for Nanny to have tea parties with:applause:
  2. dave b

    NGD../Merry Christmas to me

    Well, I got stupid last weekend, and dropped my No.1 (06 Epi LP Standard) and snapped off the headstock. Got to thinking, now would be a good time to upgrade. Always wanted a black Standard, and came into a few dollars I wasn't expecting last month ( and hadn't spent it yet). Less than 24hrs...
  3. dave b

    How to spoil a Saturday night

    Thought I'd share this as a PSA to BE CAREFUL with your axe.Taking a short break from practicing ( house party gig next weekend), got careless and......knocked my No.1 off its stand. I could cry. Guess I'll find out just how good Tite-Bond really is. I've always wanted a black LP Standard. Might...
  4. dave b

    Anyone here try these covers? I want to.

    I think these would make my Custom even snazzier looking, but I've never seen them on anyone's guitar,ever. Anybody ever try no-hole pup covers. Just wondering if it'll affect the sound a lot, a little, not at all, or FFS , DON'T DO IT.
  5. dave b

    gap between new nut & fingerboard?

    had a new bone nut installed week before christmas. just noticed yesterday that looking from the side i can see daylight between the nut and the board. the nut doesn`t seem to be contacting the finger board except at the very bottom. should i be concerned? I`ve played out twice since...
  6. dave b

    grover tuners modification...can this be done?

    both my 06 Standard & 07 Custom have grovers, which i like for the 18:1 ratio and the self-locking(on my standard anyway) But.... I want the old fashioned style green plastic tulip heads( I think that`s what they`re called). Can these keys be retrofitted to a grover The Custom just cries for...
  7. dave b

    Hi from Nova Scotia

    hello from a hamlet called Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada. my name is dave and i`m a53 yr old mechanic who`s been beating on guitars for over forty years, and just got my first LP last year (and i`ve lusted after them for ages). i have an 06 Epi Les Paul Standard plus top sunburst, and...

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