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  1. huw

    Trying to understand the modes

    This thread might help: There's some discusion throughout the thread, after the initial "for reference" posts. Hope that is useful? Don't have much time to post today. :)
  2. huw

    “Microtonal Blues Scales” video series

    Always interested in microtonal stuff, & intonation in general. Keep them coming. :)
  3. huw

    Is This Possible ?

    Another idea - looking at some live performances of how they've done this in the Brian era they will often play the 2-4 power chord, then just play the 6 > 7 part as single notes without the 2nd fret B.
  4. huw

    Learning Bass, where to start?

    To that end, a great tip I had from a producer was for the bass player to take off his shoes & put one foot up on the bass drum. Seriously, it helps you to feel when it hits & lock in tight. Of course, do this at rehearsals, but not on the gig... ;)
  5. huw

    Learning Bass, where to start?

    When I learned to play bass the biggest thing I had to overcome was not thinking like a guitar player. I knew where to put my fingers but I just didn't know what to do with the thing. I didn't sound like a "bass player", I sounded like a "guitar player on bass". How I got past that was just...
  6. huw

    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    Currently, it's this order: Gtr > volume pedal > phase > boost > distotion > overdrive > loop pedal > delay (in the loop) > tuner > hum destroyer > amp. Guitar is a Les Paul more often than not. Volume pedal at start of chain, not later, because I personally prefer to use it like the guitar...
  7. huw

    Question about page’s #1

    I've heard Walsh talk about letting Page have the Les Paul because he had another (or was just about to get another, depending on the telling) but I've never heard him say it was a 1960. It would be huge news (amongst the small circle of us people who care about such trivia) if he would repeat...
  8. huw

    An interesting thing.........same pickups in 2 different guitars.........

    So... the next time somebody claims that amplified tone is "all about the pickup" may we refer them to you for evidence to the contrary? :)
  9. huw

    Becoming A Better Rhythm Guitarist

    Get a Beatles songbook, start at page one. By the time you can play every song in the book your rhythm guitar (and chord knowledge) will have improved. :)
  10. huw

    Flatwounds for hollow body?

    I ran a set of Pyramid flat-wounds on my Les Paul for a while (over a year). I loved the sound, & I loved the feel. The only thing I didn't like was - you guessed - not being able to bend the G string so easily. However I adapted. I only took them of when my band came out of "hiatus" and I...
  11. huw

    Question about page’s #1

    The serial number is missing, so it'll never be 100% certain. Having said that, there are enough circumstantial factors that have accrued over the years to be reasonably certain that it's a '59. Gibson think so, anyway. That being said, as we all know "'59 specs" continued into early '60, which...
  12. huw

    Odd number scale and alternate picking.... HELP!

    Both, then you have no limitations... :)
  13. huw

    Playing Along With Songs In Time

    This is absolutely true, of course, but it's also worth adding that playing "in time" with other musicians is very different from playing to a backing track, so you should play with other people as soon as possible, & as often as possible. I don't mean to imply that people don't play "as in...
  14. huw

    Need A Practice Tip

    All good advice. You could also try to practice each hand separately. Gives the brain less to do whilst the "muscle memory" gets programmed in. :)
  15. huw

    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    ^^^^^^ What are we looking at here? :hmm:
  16. huw

    Page's Number One, Up Close

    Yes. No. Yes. ;)
  17. huw

    "Now use it in a sentence" Intervals

    That's a fuzzy kind of question, if you don't mind me saying. Any time you play two notes you play an interval. Play them at the same time and you have a harmonic interval, play them one after the other and you get a melodic interval. So you are already using intervals every time you play. That...
  18. huw

    Passing Notes While Soloing In Key

    Great question! The answer is yes. Look at my previous post & notice that the notes in groups 1 & 2 change with each chord change. :)
  19. huw

    Passing Notes While Soloing In Key

    (NB - this is a lot simpler to do than it is to write - this is a long post but don't be scared, it's quite simple really;) ) It's all to do with resolution, or tension. That is to say that you come to rest (or "pause") on notes which sound relatively resolved, and use other notes (including...
  20. huw

    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    Yeah - over on the LPF it seems there are a couple of guys who have actually seen the LPC since Page got it back. They said you could barely tell the repair even with the guitar in your hands.

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