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  1. slug_maine

    1st Time Selling On Reverb

    Seems strange. I haven't sold a guitar in a while, always sold on ebay or CL. Reverb is a new experience for me. Had a guitar up for 8 days now, has over a thousand views and 50+ watchers yet not a single offer. People just go there to look at pics? I've never had those kind of views on...
  2. slug_maine

    Contemporary Singer Songwriters - Got Any Favorites?

    You know, the kind that just need a guitar, their voice, and a well crafted song. Think Cash, Townes Van Zandt, David Bromberg, Kristofferson and such. Got any favorite newcomers? I'm liking this guy, out of Canada.
  3. slug_maine

    Infiniti Commercial - who's spnking that guitar?

    I'm loving the guitar work in this song by Hannah Williams and the Affirmations, can't find out the name of the guitarist. Anybody know?
  4. slug_maine

    Disappearing Critters

    This is purely anecdotal, that being said I've noticed an extreme drop off in the small critter wildlife in my region. I've had 3 bird feeders going for the past 20 years. I have numerous species of birds, wild turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels that have been around for years. They've all...
  5. slug_maine

    Greta Thunberg Halloween Mask- Get Yours Before They're Gone
  6. slug_maine

    Dystopia....when do we get there?

    We all know it's coming, when?
  7. slug_maine

    This Woman Put A Bong In Her Butt & Had A Whole Festival Smoke Out Of It While Tied Up

    The live artist performer recently went to an unnamed music festival and had the experience of a lifetime when she had dozens of people smoke out of a bong that had been placed in her butt. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Adams felt the need to one-up her performance piece at the festival a...
  8. slug_maine

    Happy World Turtle Day!

    They're amazing and threatened.
  9. slug_maine

    1991 Fender Twin Reverb $350 Not mine. Seems a little on the low side so it could be bogus.
  10. slug_maine

    1957 Gibson J50 It was 1957, a great time to be a kid 'just out of the service, and looking for his fun'. With his hitch behind him, Stan knew the guitar he wanted,and that's the one he bought: a brand-new Gibson J-50. Stan...
  11. slug_maine

    Hey Pencil Neck's friday

  12. slug_maine

    Ebay Refunds - How Long Does It Take To Get Your Money?

    Bought an amp on ebay last week. Guy cancels the sale 2 days later, says the amp won't fire up so he's cancelling the sale and issuing a refund. Ebay shows the sale canceled and a refund issued by seller, it's been 3 days and it's still not showing in PayPal. Is this normal?
  13. slug_maine

    Etching On My 65 Gibson LG 1 - Any Ideas?

    I've got a 65 LG 1 I've owned for about 10 years now. This etching was on the heal of the tenon when I got it. Anybody got any idea about what this would be. I always thought it might have been something they did with personal property sent overseas with the military but have no basis for...
  14. slug_maine

    What The Tuck?

    ‘Tuck Buddies’: Underwear to help boys as young as five hide their gender. There’s a new line of underwear on the market, and it’s helping ‘transgender’ boys as young as five hide their penises. “Tuck Buddies” were created to be a “comfortable underwear option for transgender kids.” The...
  15. slug_maine

    Tech Help Please - Amazon Fire 7

    Let me preface this by acknowledging I'm a tech Neanderthal, I don't even have a smart phone. I've been looking at the Amazon Fire 7 tablet to use strictly for feeding YT backing tracks into a Fender Mustang amp. I don't know tech jargon so I can't figure out the proprietary nature of the...
  16. slug_maine

    When Did Snobbery Become So Fashionable?

    I liked things better when a lack of pretentiousness was considered an admirable quality.

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