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  1. LuthierVandross

    Questions on this Archtop

    So I picked this up for next to nothing. The headstock has a glued on, cut out logo from who knows where, no stamps in the body I can see but it’s a solid player. The previous owner sold it to me as a “replica” but also told me he knew it wasn’t a Gibson and wanted to make sure I knew it...
  2. LuthierVandross

    Since most of these are vintage Les Pauls

    decided to pull them all out (minus the 3 I’m restoring) to get a pic... From top down, left to right: 1956 Gibson ES-125, 1980’s Japanese-Fender Stratocaster hardtail. 1977 Special 55 re-issue, 1977 Les Paul Pro, 2011 Les Paul Traditional, 1970-1972 Les Paul Gold Top (mini buckers) and a 2010...
  3. LuthierVandross

    Scale length questions....

    Hey all. I have purchased a custom body that requires a 24.75” scale length neck. I found one locally that was advertised as such but after measuring to the 12th fret and multiplying by 2, it’s a 24.62” scale. So I started to research it and now I’m more confused. I matched up to a few of the...
  4. LuthierVandross

    Norlin Era resto questions

    Hello, I’ve recent acquired a 1970-1972 Les Paul (natural finish) with a few body cracks on the surface of the body. What would be the best way to fix this? Next Guitar is a 1977 (black) that’s been poorly spray painted over the natural finish. What would be the best way to remove the...
  5. LuthierVandross


    Been gassing for a goldtop. Can’t afford the 1953 I’ve been wanting or even close! Found a local substitute that I’ve been actually wanting. Heard good things about the LTD/ESP line and had to do it. Found an EC-256p in a GT.
  6. LuthierVandross

    Mahogany blanks

    Does anybody have or know where I can get a Honduras Mahogany blank for an LP Junior project?? I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. Needs to be true at 1-3/4” due to lack of proper planing equipment at my disposal. Thanks!!
  7. LuthierVandross

    I cried a little when I saw this... I play guitars, I play pool but this is blasphemous!! Dear lord.... why?!
  8. LuthierVandross


    Quick question... looking to replicate a late 50’s Junior sound. I’m dialing everything in but have found a bit of a discrepancy. Were the pots 250k, 300k or 500k? Were the caps .022 or .047? I’m having a P90 wound for me to be at 8.34k to 8.44k.
  9. LuthierVandross

    Junior versus Standard question

    Hello. I am in the process of planning out a scratch build of a Junior that’s been bouncing around my head for awhile. I have the 59 standard template and was going to use that for the neck and body but the junior has that extra piece on the body in the cut out. Do I add more to my template...
  10. LuthierVandross

    Any Epiphone G-400 makeovers done?

    I picked up an Epi G-400 limited edition with EMG’s in alpine White awhile back. It needed some work so it’s waiting in line but the closer it gets to the workbench, the less I’m liking the EMG’s and the white. Since it’s a mahogany body and neck, I’m thinking removes the finish and Truoil it...

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