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    NGD '14 Nashville 335 '59

    Got this one in from Tokyo last week. Has the fat neck .963 1st and 1.03 12th fret with medium shoulders and a wider fretboard than my R6 and R8.... so good and beefy in my hand which is exactly what I was after. 8lb 3oz. Changed the pup covers after the pic was taken to matte nickel ones and...
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    NAD Deluxe Reverb

    Hi fellas, will be getting delivery this week of a used Limited Edition Deluxe Reverb in Wine Red Type PR239 with a Jensen P12Q alnico. It's one of the more recent ones with the rubber cover over the Off/On and Standby switches. I've been after one of these amps for a while(at the right price)...
  3. goldtop0

    Heritage G12H30 55hz vs Pulsonic G12H30

    Hi fellas, if any of you have both of these or played both what is your opinion of new vs old. Given that the Heritage ones are now well broken in how do these compare to the '60s/70s pulsonics.
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    Bad speakers for sale

    I like Celestion alnicos from the '60s and look mainly on ebay and Reverb for them. Lately I've seen quite a few come up for sale with damaged cones at relatively high dollar asking prices......... The old adage is 'the tone is in the cone' so I'm not wondering at all, but would make the...
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    Princeton FSR Tweed

    I'm looking at one of these that has the Cannabis Rex 12" speaker but I want to know if it also has a PCB. I'm not all that keen on PCBs and prefer point to point wiring.
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    12" in an Origin 20C ??

    What do you guys it possible. Haven't got any over here yet to have a look inside so if any of you want to pop open the back of your one to see if this bigger speaker would fit?
  7. goldtop0

    E C Collins cloth?

    I've seen a few people say they have this cloth on their cabs and combos.............but there have been no comments or response as to what it actually does? It costs a lot, that's a given. Is it like the original pinstripe cloth or is it not? Do you know? The A/Bs I've seen on youtube and...
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    Betsy caster

    Here are some pics of my first fender style gat Betsy. She's a partscaster that I put together off of ebay over the last few months, my luthier mate did the assembling/fine tuning last week and luckily she's turned out to be a beauty. 7lbs(on the button) swamp ash with a big fat neck and...
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    Selling my 2003 Braz RO

    After 10 years of having her I'm putting Xena up for sale. She's a players LP with two changes. I sold the '03 Burstbuckers when I first got her so she has a newer pair of those and the string nut is bone. She's a pretty as a picture with a very distinctive and attractive curly maple...
  10. goldtop0

    Deux '13s

    Here are my 2 x 2013s.Got both in Feb one after the other.....GT first(Bernice) and Cherry(Zoe) second. Both are very very good woody and transparent sounding LPs and my only new LPs in 9.5 yrs. 8lbs 9oz and 8lbs 4oz respectively with just great necks.....could never go for another R0 now...
  11. goldtop0

    Arlington 2011

    Who of you are going to Arlington in a few weeks time. I'll be making the pilgrimage there and hopefully will catch up with some or all of you.
  12. goldtop0

    Sunny Xena-new pics

    Had the sun out and needed to get my head around my new digital camera,here's Xena in all her beauty.
  13. goldtop0

    Two short magnet PAFs

    These are out of a '61 LP Custom(SG) they are 7.75 and 8.13 respectively with 11.5" and 12" leads and in perfect working order and tone. Prices are firm at US$1450 each which includes shipping per international courier door to door track and trace to the USA(TAKES 2-4 DAYS). Payment by Wire...
  14. goldtop0

    One mean as rig

    Here's a most scrumptious rig.............guess the amp?? it's not what it seems...............LPF people please don't tell okay:confused:
  15. goldtop0

    My Xena 03 R0

    Here she is the jewel of the Pacific

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