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  1. twst1up

    Bryan Adams

    MIJ anything kicks ass
  2. twst1up

    Bryan Adams

    Either people dont know what "racist" and "xenophobic" mean anymore, or the definitions changed on me
  3. twst1up

    We've lost Roy

    75, corona The REAL, original,flamboyant, eccentric tiger king Fare thee well, i can see you now, go frolick naked with all the beautiful beasts
  4. twst1up

    Now I wanna build one!

    It's the g0555lx
  5. twst1up

    Now I wanna build one!

    So I bit the bullet and bought the grizzly. Getting closer...
  6. twst1up

    Your favourite TV theme song?

    It begins and ends with SWAT
  7. twst1up

    Tell me about yourself.

    But he wound up with Sally OHHHHH......I was into whips and things...
  8. twst1up

    Tell me about yourself.

    That's hot Soooooo many questions. We cant let this shit slide. Either you start a thread... or I will.
  9. twst1up

    What are your must own albums?

    Abb filmore concert Ok computer
  10. twst1up

    Tell me about yourself.

    The details of my life are quite inconsequential
  11. twst1up

    Tyler Mahoney : HOT

    Curves like an eight year old boy... Yeah dude, super hot
  12. twst1up

    Now I wanna build one!

    So these grizzly bandsaws are on sale right it time to jump? I've had the cash squirreled away for a while now just waiting for the right time
  13. twst1up

    The Road to Perdition, one my favorite gangster flicks, is on Netflix

    That was Breakin' 2: electric Boogaloo
  14. twst1up

    Whatcha listening to RIGHT NOW?

  15. twst1up

    Tiger King on Netflix

    I thought the first episode was good enough to watch the 2nd, and that's when shit Started to get weird...and each one so far has definitely gotten stranger
  16. twst1up

    An Amusing Timewaster

    Total recall, chick with the 3 tits, poster on wall bottom left
  17. twst1up

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    "Omg....I cant stop cumming"
  18. twst1up

    Celebrity Culture Is Burning

  19. twst1up

    Sometimes some crappy trashy rock is just what ya needed to hear

    'Twst' Ronnie: I love jackin it!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!

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