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  1. OBX351

    My "Van Fire" Les Paul

    You and Peter Frampton!
  2. OBX351

    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    I'll take this one step farther. I used vintage tube Echoplexs for years, so analog plus tube and tape. I stopped using them about 10 years ago because I thought they added too much color to the sound. I've switched to a Maxon analog delay,on the occasions that i use delay.
  3. OBX351

    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    It's very cool to find "the one"! I lucked out and found it 12 or 13 years ago. It's my '01 R8. It along with my '52 are my two favorite guitars. Congrats!!
  4. OBX351

    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    I haven't but the guitar in the top photo, an '02, very small run all mahogany LP custom, has before I got it. The original owner owned the below pic of an original '57 or '58 all mahogany refinished gold top. Years later, he bought the '02 with Lollars, he put in a pair of original zebra or...
  5. OBX351

    Hang vs. stand

    I do both. These are hanging stands.
  6. OBX351

    Whats the loudest amp you own?

    My Park 75 first and my '73 JMP 50 second.
  7. OBX351

    First big-boy amp question – advice please!

    Get a used blackstar artisan 15 or 30. Or if you can find one a used Louis Electric. It might be more than a $1k but worth the money. He makes a hell of a Fender blackface or tweed style amp. Or look for a used Swart Atomic Space, it's an insane sounding Fender tweed style amp with a great...
  8. OBX351

    1st vintage amp for a new collector(Edit for clarification: To be played and enjoyed, also collected)

    '68 JMP 50 with a 4x12 pulsonic cab, any version or year will do
  9. OBX351

    1952 Gibson LP Gold Top - To Restore or To Convert?

    Very true as always Rev! Just for $h!ts and giggles, I suggest getting a pair of early 50s P90s and make sure they are set into the body like the original '52 and '53s were and be done with it. Yes, replace what else necessary but otherwise leave everything else that you can and don't refinish...
  10. OBX351

    Santie Claws Arrives Early - LP Special TV Yellow

    Congrats! My first LP was a TV Special. Enjoy!
  11. OBX351

    Musician`s Friend SUCKS!

    You can always call you CC company and dispute the charge.
  12. OBX351

    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    Sorry I forgot to add a few things to my last post. In my newer/reissue P90 guitars I've replaced the original pickups with Lollar P90s. The difference is significant. Also with all of my newer guitars I replace the pots and caps with vintage and new PiO caps and new 550k pots with vintage...
  13. OBX351

    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    Sort of......the previous owner bought this guitar with Lollars in it. He put real PAF zebras in this guitar and took a bunch of pics of it. But the PAFs didn't sound as good as the Lollars and he switched them back.
  14. OBX351

    Peavey Classic 30 combo reverb problem

    I have an older Peavey C30 that had a similar problem about 8 to 10 years ago. My amp guy fixed the issue and re-tubbed it. I don't remember what the problem was but per the above you can disconnect it and use a pedal an external reverb unit. It might cost the same either way.
  15. OBX351

    Advice on clean amp

    Blackstar Artisan 15. You can get them used for about $500. It's basically a 1974 with a JCM800 channel that you can jump. AND it's a handwired amp that has a 15/5 watt swatch. If I had to downsize and sell most of my amps this would be one of the ones I would keep.
  16. OBX351

    Tube Amp Myths

    I don't think so. I currently own and have owned in the past are vintage Marshalls & Fenders, Bruno U30, Marshall clones, Swart STR, a few 3 Monkeys, /13 RSA 31, 65amps London Pro and Tupelo, Louis Electric Gatton and KR12 and a few early 60s Gibson amps. And a few modern amps that sounded too...
  17. OBX351

    Tube Amp Myths

    Just for the record, my '68 JMP 50 with 12ax7s in it is the BEST amplifier I've EVER played or have ever heard in 30 years of playing guitars. #2 is the Park75 and the other 2 are in the 10 ten. All have 12AX7 tubes..... How about new tubes sound as good as the old vintage tubes as a myth...
  18. OBX351

    Tube Amp Myths

    Some big mother f'n TONE right there! Thanks RAG!!!
  19. OBX351

    1961 to 1965 juniors

    Here's mine, an LP JR SG a '63 I believe....this is the SWEETEST sounding P90 guitar I've ever played.
  20. OBX351

    Tube Amp Myths

    That's a pretty cool trick amp builders are doing more often. I have a Blackstar Artisan 15 that can go from 15 to 5 watts with a switch. However I hang a Dr Z AB on it and leave it at 15 watts. I like the attenuation better then going to 5 watts. The PPIMVs in my clone Marshall 25 to 50...

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