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  1. 3pupLPC

    OBG '57 BB Custom LP

    Not that I am in the market, but there are 3 OBG '57 BB Customs in 3pup config on ebay right now. I didn't know Orville did a 3pup model... were these factory produced? I haven't been online in forever btw......
  2. 3pupLPC

    Marshall Class 5 master volume

    Selling my Marshall Class 5. It is one of the earlier models but has no rattle or any of the annoying early problems. Previous ownership installed a master volume which works great, and really turns this into a bedroom volume amp. I replaced the crappy Chinese EL84 with a NOS oldie-goodie. I...
  3. 3pupLPC

    OBG TV Jr for sale
  4. 3pupLPC

    FS: 2011 R7 darkback goldtop w/ upgrades

    Just dropping some feelers out… it is time to help daughter #3 buy a car, so I may want to move my 2011 R7 that I have done a few upgrades. Mods are as follows: Uncle Lou tips Pigtail tail piece Vintage Sprague BB caps, real ones. The tone control is amazing with these. Everything else is...
  5. 3pupLPC

    Trade my 2011 R7 for 2011,13,14 R6

    I sure this will likely prove too difficult, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. If anyone has a later year (non-2012) R6 darkback, and are hankering for an R7, I am looking to trade mine vice versa. I love this guitar, but I really want a P-90 GT and I cannot justify having both. I also...
  6. 3pupLPC

    1965 Ampeg Jet

    Perfect blues amp for guitar or harp. Mostly all original components except for a cap job (critical for the safety caps) and the 3 prong grounded plug. Loud! Starts breaking up around 5 and tops off in full blown overdrive. A tube screamer gets it there quicker. Tolex is in great shape...
  7. 3pupLPC

    Marshall JTM-30 speaker swap

    I love my JTM-30 2x10, but I want to get the stock Eminence speakers out. I have a broken in, 10 year old Jensen C10Q I am putting in, and am looking for something to compliment it. G10 greenback? Both 30W, comparable sensitivity, but different enough.. anyone ever try that combo? Any other...
  8. 3pupLPC

    Marshall JTM-30 tube issues

    Anyone have an idea why an old NOS Tung Sol 12AX7 would not work in the V3 position as a replacement for the stock Marshall ECC83? I have been trying several NOS tube cocktails, and thought for a second that I had received a bad shipment of tubes, but then realized it was only when I put one of...
  9. 3pupLPC

    Maybe an EGF-1800?

    You guys seen this? I haven't looked close to see if it's legit.
  10. 3pupLPC

    1994 Orville by Gibson 1957 Reissue

    1994 OBG 57C from the Fuji-gen shop. Nitro, long tenon, FEB, Gibson 57 Classics. New CTS pots plus PIO caps. Comes with OBG gig bag. Weighs right at 9 lbs. Nicely full C shaped neck. SHipped to lower 48 states for $1150. Hard shell case available for another $75. Plenty of pix to email if...
  11. 3pupLPC

    NGD '59 Junior

    Well it has been a long pursuit, but I finally have gotten my paws on a real '59.. ! I've been sick as a dog with the flu since I have brought it home, adn my pounding head has precluded me from really giving it a run through, but here are some pix. Beautiful checking and the neck is so...
  12. 3pupLPC


    I'm not desperate but... PLEEEAAASSSEEE somebody buy these from me! I'm ridden with guilt over a purchase.. help a brother out! 1980 LS-80 Les Paul Reborn Asking $1900 plus shipping 1994 OBG 57C 1957 Reissue Asking $1300 plus shipping
  13. 3pupLPC

    Bacchus BLS-95 P-90 pups

    I found a set in my cabinet. Think they are worth $50?
  14. 3pupLPC

    2003 R9 Burled Blister Top

    2003 R9, #1304. Burstbuckers 1&2. Asking $3800, plus shipping and insurance. VG-Exlnt condition. Some indentations on the back, but very minor. I have been told that this was one of two special orders for a shop in NYC in 2003, but I have not been able to substantiate that with Gibson. I...
  15. 3pupLPC

    Lost a dear friend last night

    Had to put down our family dog last night... he was an unconditional friend. Gonna miss you Jakey.
  16. 3pupLPC

    HM and GM Vintage owners

    I plan to have my R7 redone. Both HM and GM obviously do beautful work with the main difference I see in the base offer is the top recarve from HM. This is roughly a $600+ delta for a HM vs. a GM. Do any of you have both HMs and GMs, and can give me a good comparison? Is the recarve that...
  17. 3pupLPC

    71-73 54/58 Reissues

    I have been shopping for one of these lately, both goldtops adn BBs, and have a couple of questions for those in the know. First, does the finish age nicely like the originals do? Also, does a refret (BB mostly) decrease value? Thanks!
  18. 3pupLPC

    1956 GT stripped

    I have found a '56 former GT for sale. It is all original except for being stripped, including the headstock (still has the "Gibson" tho), no breaks, repairs, etc. Can I get some guidance on a fair price range? Thanks...
  19. 3pupLPC

    Apologies all

    Apologies to everyone for a stupid thread I posted earlier. I was frustrated from a PM I had received, and I spoke (wrote) without calming down, or thinking.. And for all who called me out on my signature.. Thanks, I deserved it. (for the record, I own 3 Gibsons..)
  20. 3pupLPC

    Gibby fanboys

    I am still amazed at how stupid some people are....

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