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  1. Nippon

    Bought some biscuits...

    Taste nice, too.
  2. Nippon

    Just dodged a bullet...

    Yep, just found out that Mariah Carey has cancelled her Australian tour, which I had tickets for. My wife is pissed, but I got a lucky break, on this one.
  3. Nippon

    $985 VIP Package to meet Ace.

    To sign some crap and have a 10 second photo. He will also sign one guitar. Concert ticket not included. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  4. Nippon

    Would you let Ace kiss your noodle?

  5. Nippon

    Anyone heard anything about a new run of Greeny?

    Some joker on Facebook claims there is a new run of Greenys, at Wildwood.
  6. Nippon

    His name is Ronald Raper...

    Went to a seminar on propulsion systems, today. One one of the speakers names was Ronald Raper. Poor bastard. Can it get any worse?
  7. Nippon

    Guitar bloopers in the movies.

    Here is one example...
  8. Nippon

    Need advice on drills.

    Need a drill for home use. May need to dtill into brick, too. Cordless or battery? Something like this? Deffinately not much of a handyman.
  9. Nippon

    Low ballers suck!

    Yeah, low ballers suck. Was just offered $3000 on a $5500 advertided sale. I wouldn't have the balls to ask for $2000 off. Time wasters and low ballers seem to be on the rise.
  10. Nippon

    White Privilege

    Nurses must acknowledge their white privelege...
  11. Nippon

    Gibson announce sale to Chinese firm Ming Wai.

    Wow!! 'Gibson has announced its intrument devision will be aquired by Chinese financial group, the Ming Wai Finance Group. The final stage of aquisition should take place by the end of August 2018.' According to Ming Wai CEO, Shi Li, 'the Gibson brand will finally bring the quality that China...
  12. Nippon

    Man Bags. Yes or no?

  13. Nippon

    Any wise words?

    Tropical fruits.
  14. Nippon

    This is how we deal with cyclists in Australia...

    Id love to buy this kangaroo a beer.
  15. Nippon

    No, we can't play that...

  16. Nippon

    Don't be offended...

    Don't be offended, 'folks'. Looks like PC is spreading.
  17. Nippon

    Want a laugh??? :rofl:
  18. Nippon

    CITES update for Australia

    So, I just brought back two Fender Strats from Japan, both with dark rosewood boards. I declared that I had wooden items to customs, so I was refered to the inspection station. The customs officer aaked how long I had the guitars and how old they were. I said one was 89 and one was 2014. The...
  19. Nippon

    R.I.P David Cassidy...

    Wheather you were a fan or not, he did pull the chicks, in the day.
  20. Nippon

    R.I.P Chuck Mosley...

    Chuck Mosley, Former Faith No More Frontman, Dies at 57 | Billboard

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