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  1. JonMan94

    I'm back... For Whom The Bell Tolls Cover.

    Well, haven't posted here in while, but I'm back kind of... and I still make music. Tell me what you guys think :slash: looking for feedback since alot of what I learned while recording this will go toward my future recording that I have lined up.
  2. JonMan94

    Oooooo, Shiny new forum software smell...

    ...It's like a used car from a certified dealer, yea? XD Also I'm still alive. Been busy with life, recording, and mainly gaming a small (but growing) you-tube channel.
  3. JonMan94

    So... anyone use Sonarworks?

    I'm Alive... and despite a damn hurricane passing through my state, I managed to finish mixing and mastering this with the Sonarworks 3 headphone calibration plugin. Now I need to scan my student ID so I can get 50% off on it because I can't live without this plugin now, it's amazing for doing a...
  4. JonMan94

    So I did a "And Justice For All" Cover... And now I can finally go to bed, I got work in the morning...
  5. JonMan94

    JonMan's DIY RG-7 String Kit Build: A Ytse Jam

    Whelp, decided to kick off 2015 with a new build: An Albatross Guitars DIY RG-7 string guitar kit. Going back to late January, I picked up something that I remembered seeing last year at the Orlando Guitar Show: an old Takeuchi Lo-TRS seven string trem. And a week or two later, I was able...
  6. JonMan94

    Anyone here play Warthunder?

    ...Or if anything, have heard of it before? :hmm: US Ground Forces Trailer and the "Victory is Ours" Trailer: I'm addicted to this game like nothing else I've ever played before... enough that I...
  7. JonMan94

    Orlando Guitar Show 2015

    Okay, It's about that time of the year again.... January 16-18, any local MLPers going? So far I'm planning for the 17th.
  8. JonMan94

    Anyone here (who's a gamer): Destiny?

    Okay, who here is going to be getting Destiny, it's coming out in five days (from the date of the OP). Here's the live-action trailer they just released... apparently classical music in their time means Led Zeppelin. Official Destiny Live Action Trailer Considering also that Paul...
  9. JonMan94

    Some TLC for my MIJ '97 Jackson Dinky

    It's been acouple of weeks since finishing my Ibanez re-build, but ever since then I've felt a need to really fix up one of my other guitars, a 1997 Jackson DXMG Dinky that has gone through quite a few phases since the first time I posted about it a long time ago (under a rather stupid username...
  10. JonMan94

    Super-Strat Wiring, need help ASAP!

    Hey guys, I need some help with making sure a diagram I came up with for my Ibanez rebuild is correct, as I completed the guitar last night, but my wiring ability kind of caused a snafu with the controls, here's a picture of the harness: It doesn't look too bad, does it? Well outcome wise, it...
  11. JonMan94

    Who was Jose Arredondo?

    Okay, this has begun to bug me more and more whilst my continued tone-chasing, as it's become lore and not much fact. What I know about Jose is only his mythical association with many famous rockers, especially Van Halen, but I also think of him and the modded SLP that James Hetfield used on...
  12. JonMan94

    Mustang IV to Mustang III V2?

    Well, I've been pondering the idea of going from my V1 2x12 to the smaller 1x12 V2 Mustang III amp... and besides the obvious lost of a second speaker and minus fifty watts, do you guys think it's a good idea? and also how much should I expect to pay after trading in my amp to cover part of the...
  13. JonMan94

    The REAPER Thread

    So, anyone else use REAPER? I used to use audacity before moving up to it, and now I've been learning more and more with every recording session how to use it to the max. So far, I have POD Farm 2 and Superior Drummer as my two main VSTi programs for when I record, but in actual recording, I...
  14. JonMan94

    Floyd Rose Block For sale

    Floyd Rose 32mm Steel Block | eBay 32mm steel block, schaller I think? Just want to see if anyone's willing to bid.
  15. JonMan94

    Possible Build Idea: Jazz Bass VI

    So... I've been itching to get a Bass VI ever since trying one at Sam Ash, but... I can't get over the body shape >3< So... here's one idea: 1. Buy Xaviere Jazzmaster 2. Buy this conversion neck from ebay: 3. Rebuild and buy new strings. 4. Go nuts. number one can also be buy loaded...
  16. JonMan94

    Rebuilding an Ibanez Gio: Sheer Heart Attack

    Okay, hot off the heels of my epiphone project, I'm now going forward with rebuilding the very first guitar I ever had: a Ibanez GIO IJX-40 (AKA the jumpstart pack guitar). Here's some old dis-assembly pictures: That was two years ago... here's some new pictures, parts lost, but an...
  17. JonMan94

    Fishman Re-Engineers the pickup.

    Unwound: Fishman Rethinks the Electric Guitar Pickup | Premier Guitar So, no more copper wire... printed coils, flat EQ magnet spacing and a pre-amp with its own rechargable battery? That sounds really far out, but a breakthrough in pickup engineering for the first time since well...
  18. JonMan94

    International Shipping is a PITA.

    So, long story short, I won a bid for a near-complete Les Paul neck from a supplier in China over Ebay (well-rated seller, I made sure), and the package was shipped just before new years (via ChinaPost). But since the 1st of this year, there has been no updates on the package's whereabouts other...
  19. JonMan94

    Rebuilding A Epiphone...

    For real this time, on a tight-as-balls budget none the less XC Here is the guitar in question (which hasn't been seen since I joined here years earlier): It was a firesale Epi from GC that my dad got for me for 50 bucks, but of course... I kept messing with it and soon enough...
  20. JonMan94

    Link and the Rock'n Temple... So, I could have spent Veteran's Day playing video games, but then I decided to record a video game theme cover. Yes, I Triforce like a boss. :3

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