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  1. modavis99

    How much does your Historic weigh?

    16 TH R0 Les Paul 7 lbs 15 oz 18 Braz R9 8 lbs 1 oz 18 68 LP Ri 9 lbs 2 oz
  2. modavis99

    specifically 2019 / 2020 R8 pricing. what should i expect?

    I second the proposal you call Curt at HoG. Out of respect for Curt’s wishes we don’t list discounts here in public, but there is a reason many of us suggest calling him. Just mention this forum and he’ll know what to do
  3. modavis99

    Custom Shop 2019 R9 QC issue?

    To the OP I have rwo thoughts. 1. If it plays great and sounds great, keep it. OR 2. If the things you are posting about bother you a lot, just return it now because they might affect how much you like playing the guitar. the issues you posted wouldn’t bother me one bit if the guitar sounded and...
  4. modavis99

    Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson Les Paul Floyd Rose Viceroy Brown w/ WCR godwood pickups

    SOLD I am the original owner and this Lifeson Les Paul with a Floyd was my #1 for a while. The guitar has never had any major scratches, breaks or repairs but it has light scratches throughout, the pickup covers are tarnished and the finish has started to check a little by the volume and tone...
  5. modavis99

    Gibson Gold Warranty Card

    I registered online and IIRC I got a confirmation email from Gibson
  6. modavis99

    Collings SoCo LC Flame Top with Binding and Throbak SLE 101+ pickups, 7 pounds

    SOLD Description: I am the original owner and have owned this less than a year. The guitar weighs 7 pounds and 0.2 according to my scale, see photo. Guitar and original Ameritage case are both in near mint condition. The Throbak SLE 101+ pickups have some tarnish on them and the pick guard has...
  7. modavis99

    What String Gauge and Type Do You Use?

    D’Addario 11s. until recently, I played EB pure nickel 9-46 .. But I learned I prefer the tone of the 11s
  8. modavis99

    Are All or Most Reissues Great LPs?

    My advice is going to be a little different. I suggest buying new from a known, reputable vendor with a return policy. I think if you call CME or HOG or any of the the well known reissue vendors and ask for a tone report on a guitar they have in stock and detailed high-res pictures you are much...
  9. modavis99

    Lindy Fralin Split Blade High Output Tele Telecaster Noiseless Pickup Set Black

    I had these pickups in a tele (that I no longer have) for about a year. Comes with screws and rubber mounting parts shown in the picture. Asking $SOLD shipped and paypalled.
  10. modavis99

    WCR Jim Wagner godwood pickup set nickel covers

    I have a spare set of WCR Jim Wagner godwood pickups. The covers on the pickups are tarnished, IMO they don't really look as bad as in the pics but I tried to capture everything so there are no surprises. The bridge measures 10.03 and neck 8.44. I guarantee the pickups work, if they don't...
  11. modavis99

    WCR Jim Wagner Godwood / Goodwood pickup set (old), 4 wire

    I'm doing a little cleaning up of my studio. This is an old Jim Wagner Goodwood / Godwood 4 wire pickup set. Each pickup has at least 15" of length. The bridge reads 9.98 and the neck reads 8.37. These pickups were in my number 1 for years and that's why they are naturally reliced. If you...
  12. modavis99

    Does Anyone Here Gig With Their R8 or R9?

    Gig the R8. It will sound awesome
  13. modavis99

    Curious- gig with your Historic??

    I gig them all. 18 Braz R9, 18 ‘68 RI, Lifeson. I don’t own it if won’t gig it.
  14. modavis99

    Guitar Straps

    There is only one correct answer:
  15. modavis99

    What's your favorite pickups?

    WCR pickups. They are all great but I prefer the godwood set
  16. modavis99

    SOLD: please delete


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