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  1. Nippon

    NGD: 2019 Royal Tea Burst

  2. Nippon

    David Gilmour Auction ($3,975,000 Stratocaster)

    The red and white strat fetched a pretty penny, too.
  3. Nippon

    Bought some biscuits...

    It is a re-finish.
  4. Nippon

    Bought some biscuits...

    Taste nice, too.
  5. Nippon


    Missed the thread, but I don't like mens tennis, anyway.
  6. Nippon

    "FLEX" watches??

    I am a Rolex and Seiko fanboy. Not into fashion watches.
  7. Nippon

    How many will be shot this weekend in Chicago?

    I'll say 60 African American and 2 whites.
  8. Nippon

    John Mayer fanboys will go to any lengths to play the same equipment he uses

    I wish I had the same equipment Ron Jeremy plays with.
  9. Nippon

    Just dodged a bullet...

    Yep, just found out that Mariah Carey has cancelled her Australian tour, which I had tickets for. My wife is pissed, but I got a lucky break, on this one.
  10. Nippon

    Traditional...What is your preferred year? Why?

    2016 was the best since 2016.
  11. Nippon

    Which type of knobs looks best on my trad?

    Looks like a 1960 with reflectors.
  12. Nippon

    Elon Musk.. thoughts?

    Yeah, Musk just signed his retirement cheque.
  13. Nippon

    Elon Musk.. thoughts?

    Yes, because the diver had been through the caves, a number of times. I think he would have a better idea of what would work, than some cockhead who turns up, out of the blue. Imagine being in a dreadful situation and having a time waster, get in the way. Besides, I think Musk has had a few...
  14. Nippon

    Trapped Thai Kids

    Unfortunately, Musk couldn't capitalize on this one. The Thailand people told him to fuck off. If only the rest of the world would follow.
  15. Nippon

    Dave Johnson "Nicky"

    Love it.
  16. Nippon

    Oh no. Gibson Makes A Chibson ...

    They all went to CCP officials.
  17. Nippon

    Oh no. Gibson Makes A Chibson ...

    Comes with a bag of fortune cookies.

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