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  1. Bill Hicklin

    Eco-weenies endanger lives Small cars continue to be the most dangerous type of vehicle for drivers, according to a report released by the IIHS on Thursday. Small cars and minicars accounted for 15 of the 20...
  2. Bill Hicklin

    Badass movie speeches

    Here's one to start off with
  3. Bill Hicklin

    What? A Hollywood producer, crooked?

    Say it ain't so!
  4. Bill Hicklin

    This is kind of neat (aviation content)

    My grandfather's pilot's license, 1930. Yes, that's Orville Wright's signature. He had actually been flying as a barnstormer for five or six years by then, but he needed a license to fly the mail.
  5. Bill Hicklin

    Watching The Last Waltz again

    Jesus, what a great concert movie
  6. Bill Hicklin

    F*CK democracy! (Warning: rant content)

    Churchill famously pointed out that "Democracy is the worst form of government ever conceived, except for all the others which have from time to time been tried." Well, it's about time to try something new, because as Churchill also observed, "The best argument against democracy is a...
  7. Bill Hicklin

    Your daily rosewood fix

    Back in the 30s or 40s my grandfather had a local blacksmith make this knife from a leaf spring(!). He made and fitted the grip himself from some BRW he had lying around. MFer will take an edge like a razor. Unfortunately it will rust if you don't dry it carefully.
  8. Bill Hicklin

    Damn, Gibson listened to me!

    Gibson Revamps Kramer with Original and Modern Series | NAMM 2020 I've been saying for years that Gibson has to address the metal market (the only growth segment in guitar-based music) with shredder axes that traditional Gibbys just ain't, and the Kramer brand is the perfect vehicle for that.
  9. Bill Hicklin

    Car question: cig lighter

    Rather bizarrely, my car, beside the ashtray, has what looks like it should be a cigarette lighter socket but is actually just a 12v outlet- you can't put a lighter in it. (I have a suspicion that Japanese-market cars do get real lighters) How complicated would it be to swap it out for a...
  10. Bill Hicklin

    Horror-show lunacy

    As of January 1, in New York, here are the crimes for which a defendant MUST be released, without bail. None of these activities, apparently, are considered a threat to public safety, according to the geniuses who now run New York: • Burglary in the second degree (residential burglary) •...
  11. Bill Hicklin

    The reality of environmental "science"
  12. Bill Hicklin

    Greta the ugly hates Canadians

    She wants to kill them all. Repeat after me: Canada is uninhabitable without fossil fuels. ... lEGgLvbnnI
  13. Bill Hicklin

    The triumph of PC Now, let's be very clear here: Dorie Miller was a hero. He won the Navy Cross, and rightly so, for his actions at Pearl Harbor. And two years later he gave his life for his country. The...
  14. Bill Hicklin

    Grammys corrupt? Say it ain't so!
  15. Bill Hicklin

    No more Prince Harry

    Prince Charles' second son, having announced he will no longer carry out royal duties, has lost his princedom and the address "His Royal Highness." Henceforward, Harry and his ruthless, flinty-eyed gold-digger wife will be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They will receive no income from the...
  16. Bill Hicklin

    Christopher Tolkien RIP
  17. Bill Hicklin

    More PC bullshit

    The NAACP is suing Richmond area school districts to force them to change the names of schools named for Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. Because the existence of those names supposedly "violates their civil rights."
  18. Bill Hicklin

    The best QBs...

    ...never to win the big one 1. Dan Marino 2. Fran Tarkenton 3. Dan Fouts 4. Warren Moon 5. Steve McNair Any other nominees?
  19. Bill Hicklin

    Another asshole church shooter

    This one put down like the dog he was by armed parishioners. But not until after killing two, RIP
  20. Bill Hicklin

    Some friendly advice from your friendly helpful bartender

    Don't ask for "cab sav." It makes you sound like a "dee bag." Also, don't ask for "cab sauv." It makes you sound like a "dee baug." Seriously, just order cabernet. The odds that there will also be a cabernet franc on the bar are pretty low. Don't ask for "pinot" when you want pinot noir...

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