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  1. rdbear7d

    Recommend me a Marshall Plexi style pedal.

    Weehbo Plexdrive.. From what I've heard, these are some of the best sounding pedals to date..authentic tube tone..but pricey and kinda hard to get...Made in Germany.. the Suhr Riot is suppose to be another real good one..
  2. rdbear7d

    Going from tube amp distortion to pedals???

    Weehbo Jvm drive pedal..:dude: The Bogner la' grange pedal sounds like its a bad ass too.
  3. rdbear7d

    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop Heavy-Aged 1968 Les Paul Goldtop 50th Anniversary Reissue

    Wow..just stunning don't get much better than that..Congrats..:yesway:
  4. rdbear7d

    Today, my first R8 day

    That is a killer looking LP.. very sweet..Plain Tops are it..Congrats..:yesway:
  5. rdbear7d

    Help with bright LP?

    I installed a zinc tailpiece and studs to tame the brightness in mine..and it was pretty fattened the tone up too..
  6. rdbear7d

    Does this look like a properly installed nut?

    Because the nut slot looks buggered, and if so, the nut needs to be wider at the top and then worked in a way so it fits snug..the top of the slot seems to veer off instead of being square..from what i see could have the slot re cut..then get a blank and go from there..just a thought..
  7. rdbear7d

    UPDATED: Solved. Minor ABR-1 Issue

    These are the Faber tone lock studs and spacers..These will do the trick if that's what you wanna do..they got extra long studs too if yours requires them..I don't know if they sell just the spacers but they might.. Callaham sells a very similar set up too..and their spacers don't have the lip...
  8. rdbear7d

    My First Explorer

    That is super nice..I love Explorers and that one is Incredible...i like the BB's too..i think they sound great..i havent tried the BB3 but its on the list..anyway, Congrats..!!.
  9. rdbear7d

    NGD: Les Paul Special DC Figured Top

    Wow, thats a beauty..I like this look..Congrats...:yesway:
  10. rdbear7d

    Who has a 2008 68 reissue custom??

    That is stunning.. Lovin the color of that bad boy...!!!.
  11. rdbear7d

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Custom 1989

    Wow..that is one sweet looking Custom...absolutly beautiful...great score buddy...Congrats..:yesway:
  12. rdbear7d

    Need some advice on a Les Paul for my dad!

    Hope you get an R9 for him..thats a nice one your bidding on..very nice and all the case candy too..oh man, your Dad would sh&**...hope you win the bid buddy...but either way, you'll get one for sure now..hang in there..
  13. rdbear7d

    Need some advice on a Les Paul for my dad!

    Yes..!!!..If you can afford an R9, do it man..its not often you hear of a bad sounding, playing R series les paul..they have good size necks on them and top of the line quality..If there's one in the area somewhere I'd look into it for sure..If not the LP standards are very nice guitars..
  14. rdbear7d


    Lovin' this guitar..from the color, to that dark board..(i hear these wraptail p90 LPs are in their own category as far as tone and sustain).. it def. has that vintage vibe going on. i bet it plays and sounds incredible..Congrats..!!!..:yesway:
  15. rdbear7d

    NGD - 60th Anniversary R9 Factory Burst - Pics added

    Not many figured tops make me go Wow but this one did...i think it has something to do with the color too..not sure..anyway, she's a beaut..Congrats..!!..:yesway: we need more info on pups and too..
  16. rdbear7d

    2003 Les Paul Standard Plus

    Very nice LP..I think a pickguard would look hot on that baby..but either way, awesome looking axe..gorgeous finish too..Congrats..!!!..:cheers:
  17. rdbear7d

    NGD!!! 1987 Prehistoric Goldtop 7 0929

    Very sweet GT..Shes a beauty..Congrats..!!!. loved the story too...thanks for sharing..:yesway:
  18. rdbear7d

    heritage cherry sunburst aka clownburst appreciation thread

    I understand Fuzz..but that one of yours looked sweet man.. I always dug the Heritage Cherry LP's..had one once but sold it..
  19. rdbear7d

    heritage cherry sunburst aka clownburst appreciation thread

    2010 55 cherryburst..:yesway:
  20. rdbear7d

    Gibson Custom Shop 2019 - Premier Guitar

    I like what im seeing..Ive said it before but going back to the ABR-1 bridge on the Std and others guitars is great..better tone and better Intonation..also, other specs that were usually saved for the CS are in there too..the Les Paul Std is back...good job Gibson..