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  1. jimmyjames

    History TH-LS/LTD

    Anyone know the finer deets on these? 2014 one up for grabs locally. Likely veneer top, yeah? Tried narrowing down deets, doesn't help to narrow search with this brand name :doh:
  2. jimmyjames

    (Some) Aussies Rejoice!

    Supersuckers are comin' to rock us :applause:(at least, 4 cities, sorry to those who will miss out...)
  3. jimmyjames

    Super 70 Maxon vs Fujigen

    I've had an '87 Ibanez Roadstar II RG120 for a few years now, with the mkII Fujigen Super 70s. Is there any difference in spec between these and the original Maxon Super 70s?
  4. jimmyjames

    Navigator Custom Query

    Navigator exponents, could you please advise of manufacturing timeframe of a '68 "fretless wonder" Custom? 8-digit serial no., starting with 1705? I have been advised that it is full Honduran mahogany(no cap), long tenon, nitro, ebony board, stock with SD Antiquities, ESP stamped tuners and made...
  5. jimmyjames

    EGC68-80 top?

    An interesting and appreciated observation was made by BGD, as to the grain pattern on the top of my EGC68-80. I agree that it resembles mahogany, going against the maple top spec. Wulfman's informative PDF(:thumb:) indicates 68-100 to be mahogany top, but not available as standard with the...
  6. jimmyjames

    Greco Copper Craft Corner

    Hello, I have lurked for a while and absorbed good info from many posts. I put off doing the noob thing until now. Let me introduce my Greco Mint Collection EGC 68-80, which I acquired last year. The seller was a real gent, he didn't know the details, so let me pull the pups to confirm the...

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