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  1. Wolf ^_^

    Goocarts Les paul CAD Model, anyone still has it?

    Howdy folks, I noticed forum member Goocart posted a CAD file a while back based on a bunch of guitars with aapparently some discrepancies in the neck joint~fretboard. My brother a computer engineer and a friend of mine who is a mechanical engineer want to try out some stuff on CNC and they...
  2. Wolf ^_^

    PSA - combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for pain relief...

    Hi Artis, well I do not know if Kevin Paul is a physician, neither who he is or if it is an inside joke. I was just concerned about someone taking acetaminophen with Ibuprofen, that is a major no no, but you could add another type of medication with an analgesic effect if it is required
  3. Wolf ^_^

    PSA - combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for pain relief...

    Guys I am sure there are other members here with a medical degree or pharmacist that will chime in, but you should not use Acetaminophen/Paracetamol along with Ibuprofen, having just Ibuprofen too many times a day could easily alter your kidney's function and give you gastritis, adding...
  4. Wolf ^_^


  5. Wolf ^_^


    Hi mate! ten lbs and 4 oz On a side note I have been discussing the price with a couple of members but the last 110 I could find was Satoshi's who ended up selling his for a higher price at the end to another collector, still I would hear offers but no trades please...
  6. Wolf ^_^


    will post pics soon! And thanks for the trades offers but I am in need for cash
  7. Wolf ^_^


  8. Wolf ^_^


  9. Wolf ^_^

    NOS Rewind 1962 Patent Sticker PAF

    Hey mate! I will email you soon! Great to hear back from you!
  10. Wolf ^_^

    NOS Rewind 1962 Patent Sticker PAF

    8.2k! Still trying to raise some funds! And thanks for the offers bu trades please!
  11. Wolf ^_^

    NOS Rewind 1962 Patent Sticker PAF

    FS a Patent Sticker pickup rewound with Essex NOS wire by James at rewind, double black and a particulary flat short magnet, all original. Asking 420$ Plush paypal and shipping
  12. Wolf ^_^

    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    Changed my mind! It sounds too good Glws you all!
  13. Wolf ^_^

    Question as to why English is on MIJ guitars

    I think it is cool for them, or maybe as some has said, it is more profitable! Sort of like the Gibson esque Greco logo
  14. Wolf ^_^

    1958 Fender Stratocaster

    Fantastique looking Strat, same as Buddy Holly's Strat! Free Bump!
  15. Wolf ^_^

    ALS48 Is this guitar's ugliness just skin deep?

    How strange, I remember seen a few days in store a while back and they had the proper placement on the controls. It looks a lot like an Epi , but even epis have the correct knob placement
  16. Wolf ^_^

    The Peak of Historic Popularity

    YUCK! ;)
  17. Wolf ^_^

    Dry Z

    Only the best Thomas :cheers2: Happy Friday you all!
  18. Wolf ^_^

    Dry Z

    Did you receive them yet? :)

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