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  1. paco1976

    How fix an amp with "shhh" noise?

    Hi all, I know this is difficult to answer without analyzing in detail. Just wanted to quickly check what could be the issue normally when my amp does this kind of white noise. This is a 100W transistor amp, quite old. It goes away when I turn the highs down, (to 3 for example). Can it be that...
  2. paco1976

    Is this brazilian rosewood?

    Hi all, First of all I apologize, I imagine there are so many threads asking the same... I'm just curious. I have a PRS CE24 from 1989, I know in that era the higher PRS were all brazilian rosewood and the CE line randomly used it as well. I have no clue if mine has it or not, it's not going to...
  3. paco1976

    Help with putting cover to a humbucker, what kind of wax?

    Hi all, I assume this is the right place to ask this question. I have a new guitar and I would like to put covers to the humbuckers. I have measured the poles and I got the covers with the right measure. Now, I have read that I should put some wax on the magnets so that they are not in contact...
  4. paco1976

    PRS pole spacing vs Gibson

    Hi all, I need humbuckers covers for a PRS CE24 I got. I do not have the guitar with me now, it os original. Does it have same pole spacing as a Gibson? Thanks
  5. paco1976

    NGD Ibanez JEM BFP 1991

    Hi all, I wanted to share my last addition to the herd. I have been selling some gear lately, with very good resale price, then I thought of this JEM that I was offered months ago, the ad was expired but I had kept the contact of the seller. I tried to contact him whatsoever. Lucky for me he...
  6. paco1976

    Advice: spring type for a Lo-Pro Edge bridge in a JEM?

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I have just purchased a Ibanez JEM, an old one from 1991 with the Lo-Pro Edge bridge. First thing i have done is change the gauge for 11s. The problem is that the springs seem very week for my gauge and there is no way of setting up the guitar. I might need a set of...
  7. paco1976

    Help! Schecter USA identification

    Hi all, I need a bit of help and it is urgent. I have the chance to get a very interesting trade: my Stratocaster Strat Plus 1989 for a made in USA Schecter California Custom. What I am not very clear is if that guitar is actually a Schecter made in USA. It doesn't seem the usual logo they sued...
  8. paco1976

    MXR pedal: which allen wrench do I need?

    Hi all, I got a Ten Band EQ from MXR, the Kerry Kind model and it makes a terrible noise. I am afraid one of the op amp might have burned or something. The problem is that I cannot find any allen wrench that can open the box... I have tried both metric and american. Does anyone in the forum...
  9. paco1976

    Speaker foam made in China, any good?

    Hi all, I need to refoam one speaker and I am having a hard time looking for foam. What I see is mostly in eBay, in my area there is no specific store with high quality products. My question is I see available many speaker foams from China, quite cheap, and some more expensive from UK, but they...
  10. paco1976

    What is the radius tuning peg in LP 1975

    Hi, I have a 1975 les Paul custom, with original waffleback tuners. Does someone have an idea what radius I should look for in a replacement tuner?
  11. paco1976

    NGD Yamaha SA2100 semi hollow 1985

    Hi all, I have just received today a 1985 Yamaha SA 2100. This guitars sings, it is very musical, really sounds great anything you do, has great sustain, nice finish, ebony board, and in good condition ... I'm in love with it from the first moment. These last years I am becoming more and more a...
  12. paco1976

    Gibson Midtown Standard... why so cheap???

    Hi all, I and digging a Midtown Standard I have found for 750$ in my area. The guitar is nice, I really like it but I am wondering why is this model so cheap. The MSRP price before it was discontinued was $1299, so that makes the price I have found quite reasonable. But why was it 1299$ only...
  13. paco1976

    Trade Charvel model 6 1988 vs Ibanez JEM BFP 1991?

    Hi all, I have a Charvel model 6 that is really a nice guitar, sounds great. Actually i play jazz, therefore this guitar is just for fun from time to time, it is far from being in my usual arsenal. I have a couple of people interested in buying it for a lot more than I spent and coincidentally i...
  14. paco1976

    How about Peavey C30 with Jensen C12K?

    Hi all, I have seen a Jensen C12K new for a quite correct price, but it is not in my city. I was considering replacing the stock Blue Marvel, as everybody says it is the weakest part of the amp. Really I think it sounds ok, but I don't know if it can really improve a lot with a speaker change...
  15. paco1976

    Waiting my NGD... Charvel model 6

    Hi all, I have found a real steal for a Charvel Model 6, from 1988. Regarding pointy guitars this is a classic in my book, I am not really into that style but well, I saw it and I wanted it. It is really a steal when I see the price they normally sell for. Let's say, $300 is a good price for...
  16. paco1976

    How much was a Gibson Les Paul Std back in 1987?

    Hi all, I would like to find a Gibson price list from 1987 (or close). Seems like Gibson past retail prices are kind of secret... no problem with Fender, but Gibson I can't find anything. Does anyone of you have a pdf or something with that info. Or at least for much was the Gibson LP Std back...
  17. paco1976

    "The death of the electric guitar". Interesting article [merged]

    Hi all, I have found this article in the Washington Post and I think it is very interesting. It reinforces something I have been thinking long ago: young kid are not so interested in guitars, rock etc. Music is not central in the young lads' society anymore. It provide lots of examples, figures...
  18. paco1976

    Framus Diablo someone? How are they?

    Hi all, I have the chance to get a Framus Diablo for a very low amount of money. These one go for around €1700 here in Europe. This one is an old one from '95 I think. How is it? How does it compare quality wise with a Fender USA Strat for example? The pick ups were changed and now it has...
  19. paco1976

    Where can I get music sheets in the web?

    Hi all, I need to get music sheets (not tabs, sheets) for old jazz standards and all I see is webs where I have to pay for it. These sheets should old enough for not having copyright anymore... Do you have any link to a website that stores good quality music sheets? Thanks
  20. paco1976

    Archtop guitar: what strings do you use?

    Hi all, I send you this question to satisfy my curiosity, not that I need advice :) The question goes to all the jazz players that use archtop guitars: do you use the classic flatwound strings or regular roundwound? This is not about what is better or worse, to each his own, but I would like to...

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