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  1. emptyisvarah

    about punk

    on one of the threads here about punk, i read one or two comments where it seemed that the posters' view of punk and the people involved in the punk scene are useless etc. I would just like to share this. thanks. 5 Punks Who Are Smarter Than You
  2. emptyisvarah

    BF showman help :(

    went home from a friend's place, my 63 BF showman.. on the passenger seat. . no unnecessary bumps along the way but when i got home, plugged it in and thru the cab. perfect tone for 5 seconds then pfffft.. when i turned it off and on again, only the leftmost tube is glowing, no sound whatsoever...
  3. emptyisvarah

    where's wally?!

    if you would please look at the two photos of a peavey classic 20, ud see that there's something missing on one of them. one is obviously a transformer of some sort [bumblebee?] :) can anyone tell me what the other missing thingy with the caps is? thanks!!
  4. emptyisvarah

    yay or nay..

    quick question.. stock pickups on a '01 epi MIJ plaintop or upgrade to toneriders PAF? guitar is now installed with the toneriders but the stocks pups coming with it too. just wondering.. thanks!
  5. emptyisvarah

    PV classic 20 mod help

    I've been pondering on getting someone build me a 2x10 ext cab for the classic 20.. I just wanted to know your opinions on using a celestion tube 10 and an 80th anniv speaker on the cab. is that a good combination? thanks in advance gurus! :)
  6. emptyisvarah

    help regarding yamaha SL550s quick..

    are there yamaha studio lord 550s made without serial numbers? all specs (eg, construction, hardware, open book headstock etc) points to its authenticity but we have to be sure right? :) thanks!!
  7. emptyisvarah

    help! re: aria pro II

    was recently suprised to find out that '80 LC 650 3 super distortion HB's [year/model identified thru help from members of MLP] only has one (1) capacitor! is this normal? but don't be misguided. the guitar has no issues on tone/vol etc. I actually dig its tone! the bridge and middle are out of...
  8. emptyisvarah

    Is this burny MIJ? help!

    i have the chance to swap out my remaining G..son for this burny LP. but i want to make sure its MIJ. i mean i know 3 screw TRC's doesnt mean it MIc, but i just want to be 100% sure thanks!!
  9. emptyisvarah

    ARIA PRO II LPC help

    hi! ive posted this on another thread hoping someone could possibly date it.. now ive got crappy pics hehehe. i'll try to post clearer (read bigger) pictures tomorrow as these does not justify the "beauty" of it. in actuality, its not entirely black. its more of a dark greenish hue but not...

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