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  1. MauiCliff

    Prototype ?

    Interesting guitar ... not sure what to make of it.
  2. MauiCliff

    2002 Tokai LS-180 ????

    Here is a guitar I cant find in the 2002 Tokai Catalog. I have the warranty card and it was sold in 2004. 2002 Tokai LS-180 8.5 lbs 1- Piece laminate top 1- Piece back Ebony fret board Fret end bindings (Nibs) Unknown pickups but seller said they were Seymour Duncan 59's Nitro finish, see...
  3. MauiCliff

    1980 Tokai LS-200

    Nice and rare OLD TOKAI LS-200 80
  4. MauiCliff

    Is This ......YOU ??

    Is This YOU ???? :wow:
  5. MauiCliff

    NGD: 1991 Burny Solid Flame Top w/ VH1's

    NGD: I suspect this is a Order Made Guitar? Pictures taken outside in the Maui sunset: Ok... I'm off to bed....have fun... catch up with ya in 12 hours OBTW: Yes it Rocks :jam: Here is a link 1991 Burny Custom Order Solid Top With VH-1 Photos by cliffjordan1 | Photobucket...
  6. MauiCliff

    Greco "ORDER MADE" Guitars

    Aloha from Maui Thought...............I would start a thread ...............based on "Order Made" Greco guitars. This is my first "Order Made" Greco............Please share you knowledge-please share your knowledge. I took a chance on a Greco Double neck..........The guitar did not have a...
  7. MauiCliff

    NGD: 1980 Greco Super Real SGW-1300 Jimmy Page Double Neck

    :shock: OMG :shock: Disclaimer....The guitar is actually in route from Japan, Sellers pictures:applause: I'm a little excited about this damn there near mint 1980 Super Real :slash: 1980 GRECO SGW1300 SUPER REAL :slash: DOUBLE NECK 1980 GRECO SGW1300 SUPER REAL DOUBLE NECK Photos by...
  8. MauiCliff

    2014 Gibson Les Paul's - Only

    This thread is dedicated to the Les Paul's of 2014 ONLY. if you got em..... Fluant em
  9. MauiCliff

    Identification Please 2002

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased this 2002 Les Paul.... need help in identifying this model.. Weighs 8 lbs on digital scale
  10. MauiCliff

    Do You feel the same?

    Just enjoyed my 53rd B-Day........Do you feel like I do....:dude:
  11. MauiCliff

    1980 Tokai LS-80 Les Paul Reborn

    :naughty:1980 Tokai LS-80 Les Paul Reborn:naughty: $1599 plus shipping - All Original, No breaks, cracks or repairs. - "80" Stamped on the last fret - 2 Piece solid maple top ... some flame !! - 1 Piece Mahogany back !! - 8.5 lbs - Frets are in fantastic shape.. 70-80% - Original Gotoh...
  12. MauiCliff

    1980 Tokai LS-80 1958 neck

    1980 Tokai LS-80 $1500.00 Plus shipping or pay more at Sleaze Bay Awesome sounding guitar More photos at : 1980 Tokai LS-80 Photos by cliffjordan1 | Photobucket 9 lbs 7 ounces
  13. MauiCliff

    To Fujigen or not.

    Seems to have quite the Artist Lineup. Team FGN Focus Anyone with experience? :cool:
  14. MauiCliff

    NGD: 1982 Greco EG60-150 Super Real

    in my possession for 3 days now.... and I have not been to bed !! :naughty: Thanks to Wulfman (Harold)..... on this very rare beauty :thumb: Video 6BA1A8CA-F672-4ECE-86A5-78B068981B2D-116-00000011310E7F56_zpsfe3df80b.mp4 Video by cliffjordan1 | Photobucket link: 1982 Greco EG60-150...
  15. MauiCliff

    MIJ Sellers... A place to give thanks

    Aloha from Maui.......Thought I would start a thread on sellers and how HAPPY you are with what they offer and sell. NOTE: only for those whom have purchased here from other forum negative statements..... and no airing your dirty laundry... :naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty:
  16. MauiCliff

    1985 Burny RLG-50 Solid Maple Top

    F O R S A L E Mid 1980's Burny RLG-50 8.5 lbs :applause: TOP: Solid Maple BACK: 2 Piece Mahogany 80/20 Frets: 70-80 % Fret end bindings All Original MIJ Gigbag $100 for HSC Shipping USA Priority $105 International Express $175.00 Ok..This is a fantastic shape Burny, very comfortable...
  17. MauiCliff

    Show Us Your Birds Eye Top Guitars

    Thanks to Harold for ther idea:thumb: I'll start this one off, If you have a birds eye tops lets show them here Here is a couple of ones I own. 1980 Greco EGF-1800 1981/82 Burny RLG 150 One I just Sold 1979 Tokai LS-100
  18. MauiCliff

    The exclusive Greco EGF "CLUB"

    Ok.. I'll start this one off, if this has been done before shoot me... If not Thank Me...:naughty: Post you pictures of your Greco EGF- Super Reals and let us all know what you think of them.
  19. MauiCliff

    Why Don't I see Pro's using Greco, Tokai, Burnys?

    While sitting on the can reading my latest issue of Guitar Player magazine, unlike Playboy where I read the articles.... not..:naughty:..... I was looking at all the Pro's and their guitars...... Their guitars are all G and F brands.... why don't we see more Greco, Tokai, Burny......users...
  20. MauiCliff

    1985 Greco Mint Collection Series EG60-180 (Highest model)

    Aloha and Happy New Year I am searching for my beloved guitar I sold 4 years ago Here is the MLP link: Here is the TF Link...

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