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    Zinky Mofo ser#009 head for sale

    Bump for a killer rare amp.
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    Zinky Mofo ser#009 head for sale

    Zinky Mofo serial number 009 for sale. One of a hundred hand made amps by Bruce Z. Has been upgraded by Bruce to metal shaft pots and effects loop. 3 channels with footswitch. In excellent condition with footswitch and recent retube. One of the best sounding amps I have owned, but burial...
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    Tamarind - anybody ever use it?

    I used some for knife handles, but i think it had been epoxy stabilized. I remember it was pretty hard to shape and burned if the sanding belt wasn't pretty fresh.
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    57 LP Jr tone pot problem

    Heres a great source on pots...
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    Need someone to Re-Saw Maple tops

    If you have a machine shop local to you, try going in and seeing if they will do it on their bandsaw. Ive done this a couple of times and most of the time they only charge me a small fee if anything, especially if its a nice figured board and it piques their interests..Now one place just points...
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    Poll: 56 BlackBeauty with headstock repair....

    Dont be that guy...
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    1969 SG Special Tuners

    Those dont look like the stock tuners. The stock ones are usually Kluson plastic tips that are on a plate instead of separate like Standard LPs.
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    Vintage Les Paul Special Tenor???

    Found the pic I took. Bigsby too..
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    Vintage Les Paul Special Tenor???

    Messed with one at a local guitar show recently. Really cool, but the one I played had pickups made with only 4 pole pieces.
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    FS:Wizz Premium Clone PAFs

    Seconds if it doesn't work out..
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    finishing question: masking for hardware tan lines

    I did this to an olympic white strat body.. I think the point is if you are gonna do a vintage/relic build, why not make it look good, like the real thing. Similar to the authentic look of the OP's amazing PAF replicas that he builds..
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    Embedding decorative objects in guitar bodies

    I know I have seen a floor type epoxy that people are using over pennies to make cool coin flooring. Looks pretty clear from the few examples I have seen. May wanna check into that..
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    Need some advice on this vintage LP

    Holes wouldn't bother me a bit..But Ive seen people buy MOP or abalone dots and put them in the holes and that looked good. .
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    1969 Les Paul Deluxe...and a dilemma...

    Barnaby play that thang and repair it later..I know you can handle that repair from your incredible builds, but why bother taking it outta rotation if its stable? I would enjoy it for a while, but thats just my .02
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    Freddy's Build

    Great video, can't wait for the series. Thanks Freddie!
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    '74 Fender Strat: opinions please

    My 74 is my number one guitar, one of the best sounding and playing instruments I have played, and Ive played 1000s from vintage to modern. It can be hit or miss with these years, so Its always better to put your hands on it before shelling out the cash. YMMV.
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    1976 Natural Finish Les Paul Standard

    Natural mafia represent! Love my 75.
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    The 'Exotic' Wood Top Thread.

    English Sycamore top. It looks like quarter sawn maple with a unique flame.
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    Help me ID this Greco LP Custom

    That looks like the guitar in the video..Comparing the alignment of the flames on the selector and middle pickup. Cool guitar either way!

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