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  1. BenjaminW

    NAD: Marshall JCM 800 2203/1960B

    There was a lot of GAS cured last night now that I'm a proud Marshall owner. I was supposed to get it last night, but the people over at Sweetwater were nice enough to deliver it a day earlier! I also bought a Rivera Rock Crusher alongside the amp so that I can play this magnificent beast at...
  2. BenjaminW

    NGD: 1996 Les Paul Classic

    Oh boy, it looks like another Gibson has made it into my guitar collection again. Got a 1996 Classic Goldtop from Gibson's good wood era. The guitar's got some mileage on it, but it plays like a beauty. It weighs exactly 9 lbs and isn't as heavy as I was expecting it to be, which is nice. I...
  3. BenjaminW

    Barely Audible Bridge Pickup

    I went to plug my Les Paul into my amp this morning and noticed that my bridge pickup's volume is barely audible when I have the volume knob rolled all the way up to 10. Looked in the pot cavity and didn't notice anything strange which makes me believe I either have a busted pickup or one of the...
  4. BenjaminW

    Replacing Nut On 1984 - 87 MIJ Strat

    Recently, a part of my Strat's nut seemed to get loose and break off causing the low E string to have tuning issues. For now, I tried to hold down the broken piece but I did order a pre slotted nut. What's your guys' experience with replacing nuts on a Strat?
  5. BenjaminW

    Help Needed On LP Axcess

    Hey all. I got my first Gibson about a month ago with a Floyd Rose on it and I've never really played around with the bridge other than tuning it. I'm into playing with 9's on all my guitars and will occasionally tune half a step down. With my Floyd, I've never changed the strings on it or tuned...
  6. BenjaminW

    NGD: 2008 LP Axcess

    Finally got myself a Gibson! This is a 2008 Les Paul Axcess with a Floyd Rose in I believe either Iced Tea burst or normal Heritage Cherry. Weighs about 8 pounds and has a BB1 in the neck and a BB2 in the bridge.
  7. BenjaminW

    Volume Knob Issue

    Hi all. I’ve been having some recent issues with my volume knob on my Slash AFD II. Whenever I go to use the knob, it always feels loose and wiggly and has a tendency to pop off the guitar in some cases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. BenjaminW

    GAS - 2003 Les Paul Custom

    Been craving this LP for a while, should I go for it and buy it?
  9. BenjaminW

    NPBD: Ghostfire

    I debated with myself as to whether this would be either a PBAS or NPBD in the title but I'll just classify it as a NPBD for me. Anyways, I finally got a pedalboard for Christmas which has been on my guitar wish list for a while. I will say it's much more convenient to have my effects in one...
  10. BenjaminW

    Strange Issue With Les Paul

    Today after I fixed my volume knob on my 2014 Slash AFD II, I plugged it in and attempted to play it. For some reason even though all my volume knobs were up on both my guitar, effects, and amp, it wouldn't make any sound. What I did was switched pickups to see if I could get any sound out...
  11. BenjaminW

    RIP Tom Petty
  12. BenjaminW

    What Type of SG Model is This?

    This question has probably been on my mind for a few years and I finally came around to asking it on a forum. I had been noticing this strange looking SG with a Les Paul pick guard and another pick guard around the tone knobs. That's the best description I can give of it but from what I looked...
  13. BenjaminW

    Anyone a fan of Muse?

    My dad has been suggesting that I listen to Muse since I am a huge Rush fan and that their style is similar to Rush. I'd like to know if anyone out there is a fan of Muse and what songs should I check out to get into Muse's work. Thanks.
  14. BenjaminW

    Lowered the Pickup Height on my Les Paul

    I never usually mess around with pickup height or action on my guitar but today, I decided to lower the pickup height to be level with the pickup ring. I decided to do this because I was looking at this photo and thought to myself "I should try this out and see how it works". The following...
  15. BenjaminW

    Seeing Dream Theater in October

    Well guys, I finally get to see Dream Theater for the first time. I will be seeing them Wednesday, October 25th at the FOX Theater in Oakland and I could not be any more excited for this! While watching some more recent shows the band has done, I noticed they shifted the tuning down to D# to...
  16. BenjaminW

    Hopefully Getting a Les Paul Custom

    For the first time in 2 years, I have decided that I want a new guitar. Not just because I desperately need one, but as a present for graduation. I spent some time deciding between an EVH Striped Series and a Les Paul Custom and I obviously went with the Les Paul. Unfortunately, it's not a 1959...
  17. BenjaminW

    Le Studio Gutted By Fire For all of you Rush fans like myself, you will know that this place was a pivotal place in Rush's history due to the fact that some of their best albums were recorded here.
  18. BenjaminW

    Interesting Ernie Ball Article On Pedal Boards Thought I'd post this on here for anyone who hasn't read it yet. Now I'm wanting to rethink the order of my pedals after reading this.
  19. BenjaminW

    Anyone Here Into Queensryche?

    I started binging Eyes of a Stranger yesterday and I can't stop listening to them. I'd like to know if anyone else out there on the forum is into Queensryche but if so, feel free to recommend some songs to me or just talk about the band in general.
  20. BenjaminW

    EVH Striped Series Worth It?

    Been wanting to get one of these guitars for a while so I figured I'd ask you guys for your opinions on these guitars. I'm thinking of getting either the white and black one since I have mixed feelings about the R/B/W one. But anyways, post your opinions down below and let me know what you think...

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