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    2020 Gibson ES-339 Trans Ebony / Black Gloss $1,595

    Still available and at a lower price! Great guitar here.
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    sold please delete

    Sold. please delete
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    2020 Gibson ES-339 Trans Ebony / Black Gloss $1,595

    Gorgeous "Trans-Ebony" gloss finish ES-339. I tried to capture the essence of this color in a couple of the later photos. Looks black hanging on the wall from a few feet away, but more of a dark-grey/charcoal when you look at it up close under the right light. Very cool! These guitars are...
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    Sold please delete

    2019 Nash T-2 HB Sonic Blue This was my first Nash, and I can tell you it won't be my last. Just bought it last month, but unfortunately need to make it a catch-and-release. Fantastic instrument, but I need to let it go due to some other obligations. This was just purchased new from...
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    Delete please
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    2018 Brazilian Les Paul 1959 Reissue, Vintage Cherry VOS. As-New! *Reduced*

    My Holy Grail! I think I'm going crazy for even considering selling this one, but I'm doing a major collection downsizing to support some other hobbies, so I'm letting go of some of the gems! 2018 Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue / R9 in Vintage Cherry Burst - Brazilian with Lifton case. The Vintage...
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    please delete

    please delete....
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    2019 Gibson Custom Shop Historic SG 1964 Reissue in excellent+ condition. I hate to call stuff “mint,” but I don’t think there is a noticeable mark on this guitar. It’s only a few months old and barely played. Absolutely no fret wear! As a 2019 it has the most current, unpotted Custombuckers...
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    Sold. Please delete.

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    please delete

    Please delete.....…….
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    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    Definitely 2003 because of the "good wood"
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    Sold offsite - please delete

    SOLD on eBay please delete
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    please delete

    please delete
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    please delete

    please delete.
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    Delete please

    Dreams can come true! Still available and considering offers.
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    Delete please

    Delete please
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    Delete please

    Well that's a beauty!
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    Why do this to a beautiful Gibson Historic

    Their buyer was pressuring me hard to sell them my 2019 anniversary r9 that had an absolutely killer top. Knowing what they were about to do to it, I turned them down after multiple attempts! They do show "sold" occasionally though.

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