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  1. twst1up

    We've lost Roy

    75, corona The REAL, original,flamboyant, eccentric tiger king Fare thee well, i can see you now, go frolick naked with all the beautiful beasts
  2. twst1up

    need a new sweetwater engineer

    My girl left, she was great, attentive, PROMPT. new dude emails a few weeks ago, evidently my girl moved on, he'll be my go to now he says. Flash forward a few weeks, email him for some quotes...been days without a reply. Hook me up, I need a synth and a drum machine
  3. twst1up

    well hello....

    Ive been looking into getting some more tools and trying to build a tele. Been watching ALOT of videos. Gotta love YouTube right? Anywho, came across this (calm down Mal!) While researching router planer jigs I stumbled across an angel... Va va va voooom, amirite guys?!?!?!?!?
  4. twst1up

    Now I wanna build one!

    Ive been thinking I'd like to buy a tele body and try some relief carving in the top. Then it came to me: I really think I could build a tele body. I have some tools, moderately handy. I wouldn't try to build a neck by myself at this point Where do I buy wood? Should I look at reclaimed...
  5. twst1up

    Bass amp recommendations?

    Seems like a completely different world. Something powerful enough to jam with a drummer. What do you use? Tube, SS....?
  6. twst1up

    recommend me monitors???

    So i'm making my foray into recording, my only experience is with a cassette 4 track i luckily held onto. I'm not looking to record major label records, its mostly just a project recording studio i guess. Maybe record with the folks i jam with. So i got an interface (scarlett 18i8) and now...
  7. twst1up

    Pilot hole size?

    I'm putting some rotomatics on my acoustic, long time coming. I'll have to drill a new pilot hole for the screw but I don't know what size the screw is, or the core t size of bit needed to drill. Anyone know off hand? Is there a rule of thumb?
  8. twst1up

    Reverb bucks

    I had assumed if I have a gift certificate it was good for anything on the site. Now, after accumulating a few hundred over the last couple years I'm finding not everyone accepts them??? What kind of Bs is that? Like, what's the point then? I'm ready to pull the trigger on a old...
  9. twst1up

    I want to attempt amp kit only experience? I built a tubescreamer kit from byoc.) For those with experience... What the best place to buy a kit with step by steps? Can't read schematics. But I can follow directions, the pedal turned out good. Anyone sell them a la carte, ie. No cab, no rubes /speaker...
  10. twst1up

    Meek mill to be released today!!!

    What a bunch of bullshit. Dude violated his parole...but it wasn't fair cause he was real young when he committed the original crime. I dunno why but this one I find particularly hard to swallow
  11. twst1up

    Quick question

    I've never had/played p90s. What's the rule...can you go from those to humbuckers?
  12. twst1up

    USB keyboard... to phone?

    Have u done it? Can it be done? Android. Alesis controller I started taking piano lessons, hehe
  13. twst1up

    Tube screamer... 13k

    Went to carter's today, about 3 original 808s for about a grand. Then there was a a very, very worn BEAT TO SHIT one for 13k...can you believe it? Used to belong to some long gone cat from... Texas, I think? Stevie something Dude asked if I wanted to touch it... I did Do what you...
  14. twst1up

    EA won't let my kid play online?

    What's up with this shit? I decide what's ok for him to play, not them. I spoke to some customer service kooz who told me to email a birth certificate to prove he's at least 13? Dude... Wtf? Anyone know how to get around this jive? As far as his Xbox acct goes.... No restrictions... If...
  15. twst1up

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here

    What does this mean? I don't believe that I have come across this before
  16. twst1up

    Percy and Howard....

    Anyone hear? I think Bob was kinda annoyed
  17. twst1up

    Tailpiece to stop bar... Expensive?

    I just found S a guitar I want at a great price , except it's got a tailpiece bridge instead of the more traditional stopbar.... Expensive to swap out...? It's what, two holes drilled for the posts right?
  18. twst1up

    Don't know where to post... Bass drum trigger question

    So, I bought a new bass drum trigger for a roland electronic set, but the beater doesn't reach to the center of the pad. Do they sell longer ones? What can I do to make it longer... I'm thinking something along the lines of a coupler that you'd use to solder 2 pieces of pipe together
  19. twst1up

    USB mixer for interface?

    Instead of a focusrite, for instance Why, why not? While we're on it.... What's with the output options on those units.... What do u need so many for?
  20. twst1up

    Who makes aftermarket amp footswitches?

    Haven't seen too many I'm needing one for an old carvin amp but carvin only sell em for the newer models

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