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  1. decoy205

    Possible NGD - '56 Les Paul Junior - Ideas?

    It looks straight from the pics not that I’m an expert. I wouldn’t worry too much about the bridge location I’ve spent years playing my buddies 55 and it was a fantastic guitar even with a headstock repair. Juniors are great great guitars. If you bond with it and it seems legit and the price...
  2. decoy205

    Got to play 58 & 59 Specials today!!!

    Nice! Any day you can play around with a 50s LP is a good one.
  3. decoy205

    >1 Les Paul: Why?

    Those late 90s R8s were killer! You should post more pics of that bad boy. My 2005 R8 is a great guitar. I think I got lucky with it. I played a few in some shops after I got it and mine was still better. I’ve since got a replica that has a way different top and much more custom...
  4. decoy205

    What are your “always on” pedals?

    My noisegate and TS9 I usually play high gain but even for dirty rock.
  5. decoy205

    2019 Brazilian ...the Tiger Burst!

    Legit! Nice score!
  6. decoy205

    Not Liking This New Forum Design

    I liked the last version too. The menus used to be right there now I have to click on the left.
  7. decoy205

    Slash has bought the Robert Johnson ‘burst

    Slash is the man. That’s a nice burst. I hope he records more music with it.
  8. decoy205

    NGD: 60th Anni R9

    Amazing! Happy.Birthday!
  9. decoy205

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop guitar factory converted in 1960 to "Burst." Photo intense!!!

    That’s pretty bad ass!! Thanks for sharing the pics and info!
  10. decoy205

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Getting great sounds outta that bad boy! Congrats happy ngd.
  11. decoy205

    1959 Les Paul Luthier Replica

    Great looking piece! Reminds me of Frank Pines burst.
  12. decoy205

    Friedman Dirty Shirley mini sold

    That’s a great price. These are great amps.
  13. decoy205

    Italian Job- 1959 Les Paul Replica

    Killer. Would love to own one of these one day. Congrats. Do you still have the Gold top?
  14. decoy205

    NGD: 59 Junior!

    Congrats! I love juniors. I think vintage p90s are warmer than new ones and they still cut.
  15. decoy205

    Sources for Cream Binding?

    Freddy glad you’re doing another build series!! The LP one was so good. The attention to detail and the quality of the video was so informative. These DCs look amazing!
  16. decoy205

    FS: 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom - SOLD

    Great deal!!
  17. decoy205

    I am loving the hell out of my new guitar!

    Happy New guitar day! Isn’t it just awesome when you find a guitar that just fits you? Could be your #1. Post up a clip!
  18. decoy205

    Post an original song you wrote!

    And another: And some heavier stuff:
  19. decoy205

    Post an original song you wrote!

    Cool thread and some very nice work by you al! Here’s one I did with my Dads 1957 harmony acoustic which was really my first guitar.
  20. decoy205

    New Joe Perry Goldtop Standard/Junior

    Bridge looks weird. Cool idea though.