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  1. dodona

    Gibson stamps on Pots?

    fully agree.
  2. dodona

    where to get the cheapest strings?

    check out
  3. dodona

    57 classic and classic + PUP’s

    get 013ths flat wounds with a pretty much low action. That's what they played in those years.
  4. dodona

    2018 Tribute weight relieved?

    matter of the weight of the wood. 3.7 is pretty much.
  5. dodona

    Thicker body = louder tone?

    you are right. Furthermore even if the thickness of the body is identical, then the one with no weight relief sounds bigger and better.
  6. dodona

    Push Pull Pots

    I used them 30 years ago without any problems. Meanwhile I decided to keep the guitars as much vintage as possible.
  7. dodona

    Thoughts on Gibson marketing

    I got some gibsons, which all share in common, to be much vintage. 'Nough said.
  8. dodona

    Bigsby and string gauge ?

    Dean Markley(Gibson GT) or Kerly Kues(Gretsch) 010ths. No out-of-tune problems. In future I'll check out Chet Atkins 011ths.
  9. dodona

    Constantly Tuning Les Paul

    check out heavier gauged strings.
  10. dodona

    Gibson Goddess

    doesn't look authentic. Reject it.
  11. dodona

    Strings with less tension for bends

    check out round cores, Abbe mentioned. Avoid 009ths as they cause intonation problems and show a rather weak tone. On the other I strictly recomment improving your strength. slowly There are special fitness tools for guitarists, like varigrip...
  12. dodona

    Can't bring myself to raise the tailpiece...

    great comment. Really!
  13. dodona

    After All These Years... The One!

    high priced epiphone
  14. dodona

    My collection of P90 Gibsons just got a new addition

    especially the Les Paul Jr Double Cut is very beautiful.
  15. dodona

    Real Gibson PIO capacitors coming soon?

    searching 4 pio caps, results in a lot of google hits.
  16. dodona

    '59 PAF Talk

    contemporary ES-335 VOS 1959 use Gibson Memphis 'MHS' Humbuckers which are closer to original 50ths humbuckers with a clearer, more transparent 'Seth Lover' tone than todays Les Paul humbuckers.
  17. dodona

    Cap effect on full pot

    increasing the value of caps will darken the sound when the pot is turned down.
  18. dodona

    1974 Les Paul Custom Fretless wonder

    a refret with jumbos wouldn't hurt but increase the value of this guitar.
  19. dodona

    Doped vs undoped speakers

    the 2nd one sounds better