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  1. MusicMan

    NGD - My First Gibson Les Paul

    It finally happened! Almost 23 years of playing guitar and I finally got a Gibson Les Paul. Me and a buddy went to 3 Long & McQuade stores in one afternoon, which is fun in and of itself, played a bunch of Gibsons and I ended up getting a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Studio in Vintage Burst. It was the...
  2. MusicMan

    NGD: PRS SE Custom 22

    After picking up a 2017 Gibson SG Faded and returning due to issues, I got a 2017 Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 22 in Vintage Sunburst. This guitar was the runner up to the Gibson the day I was trying them out at the store only because I got hung up on wanting an SG it didn't matter that the SE was...
  3. MusicMan

    Question about the PCB in my SG Faded

    I just got a 2017 Gibson SG Faded yesterday. Seems like I'm having a grounding issue as there is quite a loud buzz unless I'm touching the strings, bridge or other metal parts. I tried fiddling with the green connector in the control cavity with no luck. I can't return the guitar as I live 2.5...
  4. MusicMan

    New song by me "Boogie Man"

    After a long time of not recording, I have finally completed a new tune called "Boogie Man". Whoever decides to listen I hope you enjoy it! And please feel free to comment.
  5. MusicMan

    Ngd - 1998 prs ce 22

    I actually got to go shopping at my favorite "Mom & Pop" music store. To say it was glorious would be an understatement This was my first visit in 6 years and I made the most of it. I tried out 12+ guitars by Fender, Gibson and PRS the first of which was a 1998 PRS CE 22. It has a fantastic...
  6. MusicMan

    How's It Hanging?... Your Guitar That Is..

    Hi all, Just a fun little poll to see how high or low others like to wear their guitars when strapped up.. Do you like 'em high like our friend Alex Hutchings? Low like our good buddy Slash? Somewhere in between like our pal Dave Murray? Or do you like to change it up...
  7. MusicMan

    NPD: Zoom G3X

    Received my new Zoom G3X in the mail today and so far I really like it! I am a huge multi effects fanand I'm so happy to finally be able to replace my POD 2.0... The POD sounds good but it is old and riddled with issues.. I gotta say the Zoom has exceeded my expectations. The tones I'm able to...
  8. MusicMan

    Muddy muddy tone from my 1960 T +

    If I turn my volume down at all my tone gets incredibly muddy.. It has Mallory-150 tone capacitors.. I don't know if they are the problem, I was under the impression they were good.. Any suggestions as to what might be cause this and any easy fixes? I just find it funny that if a lower the...
  9. MusicMan

    Happy new year mlp!!

    Just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone here.. Have a safe and happy holiday CHEERS!!!:cheers:
  10. MusicMan

    New Song By Me Called "Back On Track""

    Something new I wanted to throw out there Enjoy! Back On Track ~ Chris Morash - YouTube
  11. MusicMan

    Multi Effects Processors/ Amps: Best Value for a budget?

    Okay so I'm looking to change up what I'm currently using to play through. Right now I'm using an old Line 6 POD 2.0 for the majority of my tones and a Boss BR600 for the acoustic and bass simulators. I would like to get some opinions as to what floor processors or amps would,do be the best...
  12. MusicMan

    NGD 1960 Tribute Plus **Back in the Les Paul Club**

    Arrived today! I was super excited the second I opened the case and saw this beautiful guitar.. Pics do NOT do any justice for this guitar at all.. I love how the flame has a great 3D effect depending on how the light hits it.. The super fat tone is awesome, the Push/Pull feature is great.. Like...
  13. MusicMan

    Choices choices:Prestige Heritage Standard or PRS Tremonti SE

    So I'm going to be buying a new guitarist in the next couple weeks.. And like the title of this thread says it's between a black Prestige Heritage Standard and a vintage cherry Mark Tremonti SE.. Both axes seem nice, love the look of both and I'm assuming that they will both sound good.. I own a...
  14. MusicMan

    Is there an easy fix for a Clocking/Jittering issue?

    Just as the title says.. If it helps at all, I run a Line 6 POD 2.0 into a Boss BR600. From there I transfer the recorded tracks to my PC and use Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer to, we'll, mix.. My issue is when I'm in the mixing stage, I notice a sizzling/cracking sound that is not there when the...
  15. MusicMan

    "This Time" New song by Musicman (me)

    Here it is, my first new song since November 2012 This Time - Pretender - Chris Morash - YouTube.
  16. MusicMan

    Fishbone guitars anyone play one?

    I was on the Bay last night and come across Fishbone guitars seems like they make Gibson/Epiphone, PRS and Fender copies. Has anyone ever played one?
  17. MusicMan

    Trade my PRS SE Custom for an MIJ Strat?

    Need a little advice. I was offered a MIJ Fender Strat for my PRS SE Custom. I know nothing about MIJ Fenders all I know is the one he offered is from 1986, white with a rosewood fretboard. How do these compare (or do they at all?) with MIM or MIA Strats? I know that it'll come down to how it...
  18. MusicMan

    "The Way You Make Me Feel" Cover (for my Wife)

    I first heard this song on Bryan Adam's Bare Bones album, I don't really care who did it originally all I know is that it is an awesome song so I did a cover of it (and added some backing vocals:naughty:) It's not possible to express in word how happy I am in life and that is because of my...
  19. MusicMan

    Gibson Les Paul Standard for $500 what?

    Just browsing Kijiji and noticed this gibson les paul standard 2000s model sold thanks for the intrest - Halifax Musical Instruments For Sale - Kijiji Halifax Canada. I emailed him asking to see some real pictures of the guitar.. At the time of this post he has already had 118 visits to...
  20. MusicMan

    Gibson SG original and the New Angus Young Signature

    Just wanted to share my latest Sweet Water find (can't find jack shit on Gibson's site) The New Gibson SG Original $1899 And The New Angus Young SG Aged Cherry $1899 So I guess the "Original is the new '61 with a Lyre? Which is basically the same as the new standard minus...

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