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  1. Tomburst

    Feeling bored in the coronavirus world

    If it's a custom shop guitar then I'd like a 54 wraparound p90 goldtop lowered logo etc I'd pick a CC12 neck profile and it would be very very heavily aged. Drool.
  2. Tomburst

    What Were They Thinking?

    Custom shop spray worker that day
  3. Tomburst

    Plain tops need love too

    My Shanks #111.
  4. Tomburst

    Some Flame for Friday!

    2009 Murphy R9
  5. Tomburst

    Sick Pic of The Old 2001 R8

    More flames than satans bedroom
  6. Tomburst

    Almost sold my R7 but persistence paid off.

    Glad you took care of your dog. Yeah I really rate custombuckers I think they're great pups. Prefer them to BBs the custombuckers I've experienced seem quite organic with good clarity and I feel they bring out the tone of the wood in the guitar. Pickup height is very important and not to be...
  7. Tomburst

    R9 House Guest 2011 VOS Extra Faded Cherry

    A beauty. Love flames coming thru the top of a cherry red
  8. Tomburst

    Oh no! What Have I Done?

  9. Tomburst

    Historic Makeover - Burst or Goldtop

    Yeah that tops too interesting to hide. Go heavy aged lemon
  10. Tomburst

    NGD: Finally got a Goldtop after all these years! R4 1954 Reissue

    Wonderful. I'd love a stoptail goldtop. Can't help but think of the late great Freddie King and blind owl Wilson. A battered goldtop with wraptail and nasty P90 with a chunky neck would have me drooling. Can you please give some details? Tone report? Neck and pups? Congrats and enjoy
  11. Tomburst

    Me and my R8

    Enjoyed that. Thanx for postin.
  12. Tomburst

    Break in period...achievement unlocked!

    I just can't see how that can be. I'm sorry if I'm thick and I don't wish to appear rude but I'm not sure I even understand it,it sounds really far out man. Are you saying that the playing of one guitar in a room affects all the other guitars in the room for the better just thru sound waves...
  13. Tomburst

    NGD: Shanks in the House!

    #111 here,these guitars deserve all the praise they get. Quite outstanding. Bought mine new when they were first made,the only historic I've ever bought new from a dealer. It was so outstanding I knew I wasn't gonna be able to leave the shop without it. I know there was the original run of these...
  14. Tomburst

    NGD 2007 G0 Dark Burst

    Good lookin plaintop that. Distinct too
  15. Tomburst

    60th Anniversary - What is missing from a real '59

    Regarding old wood I dunno how old the actual mahogany was that Gibson used in 58-60 but when Clapton beck page green kossoff Bloomfield etc made those great sounding recordings they were using 6-10yr old guitars. The same age that a 2009-2013 reissue is today. They weren't using old guitars
  16. Tomburst

    What This Section Needs...

    Yeah That's an absolute beauty. Best top I've seen for a while looks like a spoonful to me judging by the aging around the pots
  17. Tomburst

    My Les Paul Defect Burst - Beauty or the Beast?

    Nothin defective about that
  18. Tomburst

    2004 Historic R9, difference from 2018 R9?

    That's a great flametop it does look like it's on fire quite striking. Good chevron behind the bridge
  19. Tomburst

    R8 2017 fretboard Quality issue

    Wouldn't bother me. I'd look at it as part of the guitars character.
  20. Tomburst

    Upgrades on 2016 R8

    Thanx for the detailed pics that's a great lookin dakburst