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  1. macg1

    FS: 1964/65 Gibson GA-30RVT Invader

    Hi there, I have a Crestline series Gibson GA-30RVT Invader amp in excellent condition. Comes with the original footswitch, original speakers, a new custom made to fit cover, three prong cable, and a clean bill of health. It does have a newer reverb transformer (see pics). Sounds great but I...
  2. macg1

    Looking for a Set of P90s

    Hi all, I just picked up a 64 SG Special, but the original P90s are gone. The guitar now has some DiMarzio replacements, and whereas they are VERY quiet and sound pretty great clean, whenever I used overdrive, using several amps/pedals combinations, it is always mushy and the low end farts out...
  3. macg1

    FSOT: 1956 Les Paul Special (NOT Reissue)

    Meet the PIRATE! A real tone monster. It has a patch and all. This is a killer player grade '56 Special in its original TV Yellow finish. It resonates like a 50s Paul does and absolutely peels paint when plugged into a high powered amp. Don't miss this opportunity to get into a real vintage...
  4. macg1

    FS: Origin Effects Revival Drive with Remote Footswitch

    Selling my awesome Origin Effects pedals Revival Drive Ghosting Overdrive with the remote footswitch, original owner with original box included. not much to say about this unit other than it is fantastic. Only selling because my original fly-rig needs have gone dormant indefinitely. Ultimate...
  5. macg1

    1973 Les Paul Custom: Long Shaft or Short Shaft

    Hi folks, just picked up a set of real PAFs and want to get a nice harness to go with it for my 73 LPC. Do I order long shaft pots or short shaft pots? I am thinking they should be short but wanted to double check.
  6. macg1

    Does this look like a real PAF?

    Hi all, I got a lead on a 61 SG LP and I am really considering pulling the trigger. Of course I have to go play it first. I am however a bit skeptical about the pickups. Here is an image from the seller: The sticker looks a bit off to me. What do you guys think?
  7. macg1

    Mystery Firebird On Local Craigslist

    Hey dudes, Just ran into this on my local craigslist. Obviously heavily modded and way overpriced for what it is, but even after some communication with the seller, I cannot get the name of the previous owner (see below for a copy/paste from the craigs ad). At the very least this is a heavily...
  8. macg1

    WTB: Gold Gibson Lyre long Vibrola AND ABR Bridge

    Hey guys, Working on a restoration project for a 1963 Gibson ES-355 Mono I just picked up. The long Lyre vibrola was removed and along with it, the ABR. Looking for gold vintage pieces or really quality great modern reproductions.
  9. macg1

    FS: *SOLD* Patent Number Gibson Stamped Mini Humbuckers 1972 *SOLD*

    Got a pair of Patent Numbers minis from 72 (Gibson Stamped) with mounting rings. These came on a SG Special and I no longer need them. As you can see at some point the pickups were modded (not by me, they came to me this way) with double leads. You can wire them out of phase in the middle...
  10. macg1

    Help me Identify these Mini Humbuckers!

    So, I bought this 1965 SG Special under the premise that the pickups installed were replacement mini humbuckers from 1972 since the covers are Gibson stamped. Well, a very rookie mistake when looking at the pics and didn't notice these didn't look like anything I had seen before. A mini...
  11. macg1

    FSOT Vintage Rig: 1963 Fender Pro and 1965 SG Special.

    I have for sale a 1963 Fender Pro combo amp. This is a transition year Fender, between brown and blackface eras. The 63/64's do NOT have reverb and came in a 1x15 configuration. This is the coveted AA763 circuit. Basically this is a Vibroverb like SRV used minus the verb. The amp is all original...
  12. macg1

    1954 Les Paul on Reverb... Strange Mix of Features. Experts Chime in!

    Hey guys, Just saw this on reverb It is listed as a 54, has a 52 tailpiece, all gold (which I think only happened in 52, but I could be wrong) and has a serial number. What say you?
  13. macg1

    FS: Divided by 13 Rock Block Cab

    I have a 1x12 cabinet from Divided by 13 for sale. Cab is dark navy blue and loaded with a 16 Ohm Celestion Creamback. Great sounding little cab with plenty of thump. Records great! Sale price is 450 shipped to the lower 48. "In a collaboration with producer Bob Rock we developed the 1x12RB...
  14. macg1

    FS: 1999 Gibson Firebird III Custom Shop Historic Cardinal Red

    For Sale - 1999 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1964 Firebird III in the highly desirable Cardinal Red. Overall, the guitar is in excellent original condition -- this includes all non-tampered original wiring. These guitars were produced in very limited quantities making them rare and these early...
  15. macg1

    Back on the chopping block: Divided by 13 BTR 23 and 1x12 Rock Block cab

    I am selling my Divided by 13 BTR23 head and Divided by 13 Rock Block Cab. Both in perfect working condition and very good cosmetic condition. If you are looking at this, you know what it is. You are welcome to bring your guitar and plug into it, if you are local to Houston... I will consider...
  16. macg1

    FS: Rare 1964 Fender Pro 1x15 Combo

    Hi folks, going to post this here and probably regret it, but I got a killer lead on a real 59 LP Special and need to be fiscally responsible. What I have here is one of the rare transition year Fender Pro in 1x15, original C15N speaker. These along with Deluxe and Princeton amps were made...
  17. macg1

    Firebird Serial Number Question

    Just picked up a Cardinal Red Firebird III which I think is from 1999. The serial number is 990404. All the dating websites don't give me what I think is accurate info. Pretty sure it is a historic bird, but there is no custom shop stamp on the back of the headstock. Any thoughts?
  18. macg1

    FT: Two Vintage Players for One. Let's deal

    Hi all, I have already listed my early 70's LP Deluxe for sale here in another thread (see below). All the info is there for this awesome vintage player. I am going to add another guitar to the mix. This is a 1980 Gibson...
  19. macg1

    FS: Early 70's LP Deluxe

    I have an early 70's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe for sale. The good: 1) Early 70's mahogany neck goodness 2) New set of Rio Grande Pickups (Genuine Texas on bridge and BBQ Bucker on neck) with middle position being the Peter Green out of phase sound 3) Original case 4) Original hardware 5) Brand...
  20. macg1

    FSOT: Divided by 13 BTR23 and Rock Block Cab

    Greetings, I am considering selling my Divided by 13 BTR23 head and Divided by 13 Rock Block Cab. Both in perfect working condition and very good cosmetic condition. If you are looking at this, you know what it is. The amp is from 2011 and I bought the cab back in May of 2016. Note the slight...