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    ThroBak Black Friday Sale!

    Save 20% off two of our most anticipated products released today for a truly special Black Friday Sale! Choose from three new ThroBak Telecaster pickup sets and the ultimate Koss P.A.F. repro made in collaboration with the current Kossoff Burst owner. Coupon Code: THANKS20
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    PAF Pickup Secrets: What Makes a PAF a P.A.F.?

    We did a video for the ThroBak Guitar Lounge youtube channel that gives a rundown of many of the details that define a P.A.F. pickup and a P.A.F. repro by taking apart a pickup piece by piece. It includes info that should help people in finding out if they may have a vintage P.A.F. pickup. I...
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #9

    Check out the latest episode, Ask ThroBak Thursday #9.
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #8

    Watch the latest episode of Ask ThroBak Thursday. When will there be ThroBak Telecaster pickups and other important questions answered.
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    Gibson NAMM 2019 Video

    Matthew and I did a video of our impressions of the Gibson NAMM 2019 booth. We also had a chance to talk with the new CEO James Curleigh who seems like a great guy! All in all Matthew and I were impressed with the guitar lineup and also left feeling that there was a new and positive energy with...
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #5

    Ask ThroBak Thursday Episode #5. We talk about counterfeit ThroBak pickups as well as others that you should look out for on Reverb and Ebay. We also play and talk guitars that include a 1967 Gibson ES-330 and a 1965 Epiphone Newport bass. Thanks for watching and please click subscribe.
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: How the Parts are Made

    I edited together some footage I shot 10 years ago of the tooling being made for ThroBak repro PAF bobbins, our slugs being made and covers being ground and buffed. I also included some bonus footage of historic Dean Markley string winding machines and some performance footage thrown in as well...
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #4

    A new episode of Ask ThroBak Thursday. Alnico magnets discussed, M-69 rings, 1967 Epiphone Riviera played, Mike Dirnt bass, fun for all!
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #3

    Ask ThroBak Thursday #3. Guitar, pickups and wiring talk in this episode.
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    PAF Pickup Secrets: Steel Chemistry - PAF Pole Screw Shootout!

    Another installment in the ThroBak P.A.F. pickup secrets series. This one is about how Steel chemistry variation in pole screws impacts the tone of the pickup. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #2

    ThroBak customer questions answered, jamming and guitar talk with Jojn Gundry and Matthew Quail. I hope you enjoy the show. Jon Gundry
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #1

    Ask ThroBak Thursday Episode #1. I get a lot of customer questions that I thought might be useful to answer in this format. Matthew Quail and I also do a little jamming and guitar talk. We plan to make a regular feature. I hope you enjoy it. Jon Gundry
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    Acoustic Strings Shootout: Round Core vs. Hex Core

    Round core vs. Hex core shootout video! Hear the difference for yourself in a very nice Waterloo WL14-xtr acoustic guitar.
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    How to Replace Pickups and a Wiring Harness in a Les Paul

    I thought I would post this video for anyone needing advice on installing pickups and a wiring harness in a Les Paul. I hope you find it helpful.
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    ThroBak Pickup Giveaway! Enter by 8/14/18!

    Watch the video and enter! One lucky winner will get a free set of ThroBak pickups of their choice. Search the website and choose from any of our P.A.F., P90 or Stratocaster pickup repros. Enter by 8/14/18! Good luck!!!
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: Shootout - Brass vs. Steel Bobbin Screws

    Here's another P.A.F. pickups shootout video where I compare the tonal difference between Brass and Steel bobbin mounting screws. You might be surprised that this tiny part may have an affect on the tone of a P.A.F. pickup. Enjoy the video . Subscribe to my youtube channel and please post...
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: Are my P.A.F.'s Shrinking?

    Hi guys. In this video I answer the question. Do P.A.F. pickups shrink? If so what is the evidence and what can be done about it. Watch the video to find out. I hope you enjoy it. Jon
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: Start Wire and PAF Tone

    I just posted another PAF Pickup Secrets video. This one is about how the PAF style start lead impacts the microphonics and tone of the pickup. The video contains the most exciting and bizarre pickup shootout ever! ThroBak is committed to duplicating the most obscure PAF details and we do our...
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: Resistance Variation and Vintage

    Here is a video the extreme vintage geek may like. The video explains why vintage P.A.F. pickups vary in resistance. I cover some new details along with the conventional thinking as it relates to the resistance of a vintage P.A.F. The video is historical in nature but I do mention how I handle...
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    ThroBak Stratocaster Pickups!

    ThroBak Stratocaster pickups! Models include the ThroBak '63 MXV Strat set and the '64 MXV Strat set. The pickups are for sale now on the ThroBak website. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Either post here or email through the...