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    NAD My first Marshall

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    Match your Historic to Beauty of The Burst

    River yours has a nicer top than the Page #1
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    Any love for the Hagstrom guitars ?

    The Dlx Viking gives me a serious case of GAS! Damn, and I just had to buy a new laptop too.
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    The Ebay "Fraudulant" Listing Thread!

    ...Association of Fraud Examiners?
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    Why did YOU join MLP?

    I love LPs, I tried the Les Paul Forum, didn't take to it, came here and felt right at home
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    All the cool guitar shapes taken? Seriously ....

    I have always appreciated the ibanez talman body style. it's probably the most comfy guitar I own.
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    TOOL Appreciation Thread

    Thanks guys and no problem will be coming. I'm pretty excited and figured it is Tool related!