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  1. Strat God

    Suggestions for High End leather strap with conchos

    who makes the best hand-tooled leather straps? im finding crap on line right now.
  2. Strat God

    Live version of new song while opening for Jefferson Starship

    I’m too stupid to figure it out so click the link - “Insatiable” live. <iframe src="" width="560" height="315"...
  3. Strat God

    New Combo En Route

    It's on the way.
  4. Strat God

    NGD - Alembic

    I just picked up this 2016 spalted maple Alembic Darling model last week. I got it from a collector in NY and it's never been played - absolutely mint++. Even the case candy bag is still sealed. These are rare birds and I'm fortunate I was in the right place at the right time for this one. Hard...
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  6. Strat God

    "Love The Revolution" New Song

    New song and video by our band. Nothing pro - just us old guys having fun.
  7. Strat God

    2008 Gibson CJ-165 Flame Maple

    '08 CJ165 acoustic/electric in maple. All original with OHSC, paperwork and hang tag. No issues- plays and sounds great. It's like an Emmylou or a smaller body J200. Looking to trade for a LP or $1600.
  8. Strat God

    1979 Anniversary Strat

    Silver Anniversary Strat in great condition -some dings but nothing major for a 30yr old axe. Porsche Silver color that has darkened to a goldish color. Naturally relic'd with honest wear. Neck is excellent- straight and intonation is perfect. Frets look almost new with very little wear. I got...
  9. Strat God

    FS/FT Trussart Steelcaster

    I'm longing for an old tele so my Antique Paisley Steelcaster is up for grabs. 2009- serial #19. This guitar is perfect. All case candy and a stunning leather(?) case. Looking to swap for a 70-72 natural tele in good shape. I'm not too particular as I play out with all my guitars. Straight...
  10. Strat God

    The Big "Playing My Les Paul Pix" Thread

    Post 'em here. '74 Custom with bedroom practice amp... '06 R-9 VOSat a private party in a 200 year old dairy barn.... NOW POST YOUR PIX !!!!:dude::dude::dude: