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  1. Custom53

    Ibanez PUE 5....

    Does anyone remember these pedals from the late 70s and early 80s.. I have 4 of them and love them all.. I even have one for Bass Guitar too, PUE 5B.. And I am still using them..! The Distortion part is a Tube Screamer..
  2. Custom53

    WTB... VOX...

    I have owned a few different Vox Amps.. A Vox Viscount, 2 Vox Super Berkley III's, Vox Buckingham.. I regrettably sold them.. But I am now gassing for another one. I would Love to find a Super Beatle, or, like the one I used to have, A "Mini Beatle".. It was a Vox Buckingham Head with a Vox...
  3. Custom53

    Want to Buy or Trade For Vox Amps...

    Want to Buy or Trade For = Looking for a Vox Super Beatle or Beatle.. Or a Vox Buckingham Head and any Vox 4x12 Cabinet.. Preferably a older one like a Vox Soveriegn or Royal Guardsman.. But would still be interested in a VOX AD120VTH small halfstack modeling Amp.. Might even be in the market...
  4. Custom53

    NGD... PRS Custom 24 with a Floyd Rose

    I have never owned a PRS until now. A friend of mine called a few days ago and wanted to know if I wanted one. It is the exact model and color that I was thinking about getting years ago.. And it is a USA 2015 model with not a scartch on it. And for a Great Price.. I haven't really had time...
  5. Custom53

    2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard.. .99 cents

    At least that is what the starting bid was. Not mine and no affiliation.. It is still only at $650 right now.. I know it won't stay that low but you never know.. 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Iced Tea Finish w Gator HSC Nice No Reserve | eBay
  6. Custom53

    Vox Tonelab SE - $225

    Perfect Condition Vox ToneLab SE.. This pedal does Everything..! I just can't figure out how to use it on the "fly".. I need a Electronics Engineering Degree to figure it out. I have heard them with people that know how to use them and they are freaking awesome. I guess I am just too "dumb" or...
  7. Custom53

    Gibson All American SG II 2

    I don't think I have ever seen one of these.. I don't know if it is a good deal or not.. Gibson All American SG II 2 Electric Guitar Sun Burst Another one that i'm not sure about the price.. And another one I have never seen before...
  8. Custom53


    Not a Les Paul but an Epiphone that I have never seen before...
  9. Custom53

    Not "More" Les Paul

    So it must be "Less"... lol...! Less Paul Gibson guitar
  10. Custom53

    EBMM Valentine

    I am a big fan of EBMM Guitars [see my signature] although I didn't care for the last few models they have introduced. That is until this one. I want to go and try one out. Not thrilled with the "natural" look but they have a few different colors to choose from too. And I like it on it's own...
  11. Custom53

    Another Dumb Question

    Does Gibson make a 24 fret Les Paul..?
  12. Custom53

    USA Hamer Guitars = Part II

    About Shishkov Guitars | Shishkov Custom Guitars These are not a continuation of Hamer Guitars, but they have kept the styling and craftsmanship from Hamer USA.. And each and every one is Custom made to the buyers specs.. More Information on them...
  13. Custom53

    Another Dumb Question

    I have a 2010 Les Paul R9 that I love. But the strings are wearing groves into the Bridge pickup surround and the pickup itself.. Is this a "normal" thing for 1959 Les Pauls..? I changed it out to a lower pickup surround but didn't really want to change anything on the guitar.. I have owned 6...
  14. Custom53

    A Few Gibson's...

    Not mine and no afiliation.. 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard - $1500 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2014 Gibson 120 anniversary explorer - $1100 2014 Gibson 120 anniversary explorer Gibson ES-335-S VINTAGE GIBSON ELECTRIC GUITAR 2011 Gibson les Paul - $700 2011 Gibson...
  15. Custom53

    Gary Moore Les Paul Case

    Sounds like a good deal if someone needs one.. Gibson hard case usa
  16. Custom53

    2002 Gibson Les Paul R8 Historic

    Not mine and no affiliation.. Beautiful top and decent price.. 2002 Gibson Les Paul R8 Historic reissue And Gibson Historic Les Paul Case And Gibson florentine Les Paul 1998
  17. Custom53

    Seller Needs More Pics..!

    Ran across this PRS today. I hear a lot of complaints about not enough pictures of guitars that are for sale.. I think this guy got the message... Wow...
  18. Custom53

    Rick Turner

    A friend of mine just bought a Rick Turner LB Model 1.. All I can say about this guitar is WOW...! I love it.. I have severe GAS for one now. Tonal combinations are unbelievable with this guitar.. Love it..!
  19. Custom53

    Opinions. Real or Fake..

    A good price for this, but something just doesn't look right to me.. If it is a fake it is a pretty good one. Plus whenever I see pictures that make it hard to see certain things I see red flags.. Plus, right off the bat the position of the control knobs don't look quite right...
  20. Custom53

    Vintage Vox Super Berkeley III

    $1500 or Best Offer. Sorry but local pickup. I don't want to ship this thing. It is too nice..! It is the one on the far right... And the link for more information. 1967 Vox Super Berkeley III .

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