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  1. Gooner

    Fly Past

    Nice touch.......
  2. Gooner

    More colourised WWII photographs

    Daily Mail is a rubbish news source but this is another good article where the original photo's have been colourised to make them relate better. Personally, I like the b&w, but if it helps more people to look and take note, I'm in favour...
  3. Gooner

    U576 off the US coast

    An interesting discovery, Read more:
  4. Gooner


    Some pictures from WWII that were originally black and white, coloured to make them easier for people to correlate between now and then. I like the way he's done it, looks the same as colour photo's of the time...
  5. Gooner

    Man's leg blown off in Central Park

    Not seen this widespread yet... Man critically injured following explosion in Central Park | Daily Mail Online Just posted it for your information
  6. Gooner


    100 years ago today 19,240 British soldiers died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1,000,000 men died during the battle in total. Battle of the Somme: Centenary remembrance events held - BBC News Puts our problems into perspective, doesn't it.
  7. Gooner

    Exile on the High Street....

    Just thought you maybe interested.....there's an interesting article in the October Guitar & Bass about the Keith Richards/Mick Taylor's burst. Some interesting history about how the guitar has evolved and a number of close ups, cavities and pickups......... (Picture from another Internet...
  8. Gooner

    Les Paul on the Box

    Sky Arts is Currently Showing: Les Paul - Live in New York and Les Paul - Chasing Sound, they're on this afternoon at 16:30 and 17:30 usually repeats through the month. Generally a good channel for music, has "Classic Albums" and "Songbook".

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