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  1. Guitar Joe

    NGD..... potentially

    So I’ve just had an offer accepted on a 2012 traditional in iced tea (I’d post pics but it’s been so long since I’ve been on here I’ve forgotten how). I’m hopefully going to try it on Thursday, fingers crossed it all checks out. Only sticking point it has a baked maple board apparently. I...
  2. Guitar Joe

    UK Epiphone Elitist price?

    So I’ve done some searches online and can’t seem to see any dealers in the uk selling these to give me an idea on what these go for brand new in the UK. I’ve also searched on here to see if anything comes up but couldn’t see anything that helps me specifically. So basically what I would like to...
  3. Guitar Joe

    Can tokai experts give this a look over for me?

    Hey this came up locally but I'm not the most knowledgable of Japan tokai so if anyone could double check it for me that'd be great. Tokai Love Rock ULC95 guitar, black, Japanese made 2003...
  4. Guitar Joe

    2017 les paul at a low price? Fake you think?

    So this has come up on the local gumtree by me (Craigslist type thing). What you guys think? Gibson Traditional Les Paul 2017 Model / Antique Burst...
  5. Guitar Joe

    Wondering people's opinions on this SG jr

    So this SG jr has come up locally, can get it for less than they're asking but was just wondering people's opinions on the paint work. How would this have been done do you think and what harm might've been caused to the guitar.
  6. Guitar Joe

    Tokai 05 MIJ love rock info?

    Hey all My knowledge on tokai especially MIJ ones is zero to none so was wondering if you it's could help out with possible model numbers, what sort of price and their reputation etc (I know they've got a good rep but should I just hold out to get a Gibson gold top classic or could this be a...
  7. Guitar Joe

    Advice/opinions-Should I buy/trade for this Les Paul

    Hey all Haven't been on here in ages but I need some advice. I've managed to talk my way into maybe getting another guitar (even though I shouldn't) but I really don't know what to do. It's a 94 les Paul (pics are in an album on my profile called les Paul I think - been so long I've forgotten...
  8. Guitar Joe

    VOS Finish

    Hey Thought I'd put this in here because this section gets a bit more traffic than the other Gibson bit. I recently got a VOS 335 and it's great but I'm noticing some picking marks on the finish above the strings already in certain lights, is this normal? Don't have a particularly hard...
  9. Guitar Joe

    NGD a few days late

    So I've ticked a box off the life goals list, I finally got a 335 :) I ain't been on here for ages and I'm bored so this could be a long rambley one, sorry lol. I went down to andertons music at the weekend (as some of you may know from the youtube vids and what not) to check out a couple of...
  10. Guitar Joe

    Stock string gauge on a 335

    Hey all I just bought a 63 vos 335 yesterday. It's a lovely guitar and I'll do a NGD thread once I take some picks. I was just wondering if anyone on here would know what gauge strings might be on here as stock from the factory? I assume it would be 9's or 10's. I'm usually a 10's guy...
  11. Guitar Joe

    Gibson Les Paul studio Faded 2011 - UK

    Alright everyone, putting my Les Paul studio up for sale. It's a lovely guitar in mint condition that has always been well looked after. I'm only selling because I've got the GAS for another Les Paul and I'm not allowed/can't afford to have 2 :(. Gibson Les Paul studio faded - Brown |...
  12. Guitar Joe

    Selling old gear to buy new gear?

    Hey Was just wondering who's done this before and if they felt guilty or regretted afterwards haha. I've currently got a guitar up for sale and if it sells I'll put it towards a new guitar that I've put a deposit on but I feel kind of strange/guilty about it haha. Like a lot of you I get...
  13. Guitar Joe

    Clapton 335 Documentary

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I thought I'd share. Re-Creating A Legend: The Eric Clapton Crossroads Gibson 335 - YouTube The video quality's not great but the audio is fine at least lol.
  14. Guitar Joe

    Problem adjusting to 50's wiring (I think)

    So I've finally had the wiring changed and upgraded on my epi black beauty. It's now wired so each pickup has it's own volume and now there is one master tone. I thought while I was having this done I may as well have some parts upgraded so It's now got a switchcraft jack and toggle...
  15. Guitar Joe

    Advice on an old Gibson ES 120 T

    Hey Was just looking for some info or advice on this guitar. I don't know much about these older hollow body gibbons so I was just wondering if anyone knows what these are like and whether this is a good price. I mean I shouldn't really be looking at getting another guitar already and i...
  16. Guitar Joe

    The Maccabees - Pelican Video Lesson

    Hey I had to learn this song for my band, it's pretty simple but I thought I'd do a video lesson just to help people out because I couldn't seem to find any correct tabs for the 1st lead part. Cheers The Maccabees - Pelican Guitar Lesson - YouTube
  17. Guitar Joe

    Ditto Looper Video Demo

    Hey Here's a very quick demo of the TC Electronic Ditto Looper, it's a great easy to use pedal thats great for practice and songwriting. I was a bit dubious whether I'd use it much when I bought it but every time I play alone it get's used. Skip to around 1 minute in to see the demo and...
  18. Guitar Joe

    Midtown Standard wiring advice

    Hey I was just wondering if you knowledgeable folk could give me some wiring advice. I have a Midtown Standard with P-90s and when I roll off the volume not only does it not clean up well but it also rolls off the highs/treble. Is there a wiring solution that can solve this i.e. something...
  19. Guitar Joe

    Strat tuning issue

    Hey I was just wondering if you guys could bestow some info on me. The strat I recently got currently has a floating trem set up and when I retune any strings say to go to drop d or something it sends all the others out of tune, is this because of the floating trem? If so would adding...
  20. Guitar Joe

    New overdrive pedal, but which one?

    So I've just got in to a new band so I figured it might be worth sorting out my overdrive pedal issue. I currently have a Fulltone OCD which is great but the issue is that the HP/LP switch has been broke for quite sometime and I have no clue what setting it's stuck on and it's kind of starting...

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