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  1. Vortex

    A little levity in the midst of everything

    And some good pickin' too. Feel free to add something to help lighten the stress.
  2. Vortex

    Joe B shredding an EVH

  3. Vortex

    FS: Eminence Speakers - Governor & Wizard - 8 ohm

    Both in excellent condition / 8 ohms / 75 watt / 12" - Will ship in original box. $85 each or $160 for both shipped / PP (gift would be great since shipping is a killer but not required.) Not looking for trades. Had them in my 2x12 but I need to make that 8ohms so I ordered another 16 ohm set.
  4. Vortex

    Bill McClintock is Awesome

    Combingin two completely different bands and usually a guitar solo from a third. A few of his latest vids and a link his YT page.
  5. Vortex

    Why I chose Gibson

    Good a reason as any, especially when you're like 12. From the back of probably the first album I ever bought way back when.
  6. Vortex

    WTB: Gibson posi-lok strap buttons - Gold

    Long shot but anybody by chance have a set to sell? Figure I'd check here before doing the eBay dance.
  7. Vortex

    SOLD: MXR M108 10 Band EQ w/ Griffin Effects Mod

    SOLD Excellent condition. Includes power supply and box. Velcro on bottom. Has Griffin Effects Silent Night mod. (Does not have Silent Switch mod) $95 shipped conus.
  8. Vortex

    Acoustic - is this a major repair?

    Saw this Harmony on my "guitar safari" The top and back are coming unglued in a few different spots. Can I just use wood glue and clamp it down or is it a major ordeal? The action is pretty high and may need a bridge as well. Worst case I'd use it to learn slide. :cool2: Back Top
  9. Vortex

    SOLD: Empress Effects Tremolo 2

  10. Vortex

    Home Depot now selling guitars

    Justin Johnson model available in the garden section. Think he's using an impact socket for a slide! :cool2:
  11. Vortex

    Kiss - End Of The Road vid

    Vids starting to roll in from the first nights.
  12. Vortex

    It's not what but how I'm listening...

    Been wanting to get back into the vinyl. Got a turntable and some used classics for Xmas. Bought LZ1 new today. Never had that one on vinyl for some reason. My collection from the day is not with me though. Need to go get it. I gotta get up and flip the record now :cool2:
  13. Vortex

    Ayla Tesler-Mabe -- SIBLY

    Not surprising the vid has over 4 million views. And some SRV for good measure.
  14. Vortex

    Van Halen jammin' with the Jackson 5 ???

    Guy has done a bunch of these.
  15. Vortex

    Tash Wolf

    Definitely worth a listen.
  16. Vortex

    The Surfrajettes - Hang ten

    Even though the holidays are over, surf's up.
  17. Vortex

    SOLD: TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

  18. Vortex

    Rockboard Flat Patch Cables

    Picked up some Rockboard by Warwick patch cables. Local store turned me onto them awhile back. Flat head design with a nice flexible cable. Definitely will save space. Getting them to fit on the back of a switcher/looper may be an issue depending on which on you use. (Henning Pauly did a vid on...
  19. Vortex

    NPD: Digitech Obscura Altered Delay

    I was deciding on a new delay and saw a few places have these almost 1/2 off so I went for it. Works well, sounds good so far and goes with the Polara. Got that cool kind of ugly thing going on. Even has tap tempo. Hold the foot switch down a few seconds to get into that mode. But the...
  20. Vortex

    Mac Sabbath

    Now this I'd go see. Skip to 1:50 for start of show.

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