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  1. jim777

    MIJ Strat with 2 point trem

    I'm looking for options on getting a MIJ Strat (S/S/S) with a 2 point trem. I know Fender makes a bunch, and I'll consider them, but I usually prefer the quality of high end Japanese guitars. If I could find a Momose with a 2 point trem I wouldn't be asking :) Does anyone know of any?
  2. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    So, arrived today :) I've emailed Hibiki a few times with pics and the serial # but haven't heard back from them, so I have the card stating it's an "HLS-LW" and that's it :) Bigger neck than my buddy's G0, but I haven't A/B'd them yet. I will say that G0 is a mighty guitar though, I'd probably...
  3. jim777

    Info from Tokai/Hibiki ?

    Has anyone ever emailed Tokai or Hibiki to ask for info on a guitar? Do they ever reply? lol

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