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  1. Tanner

    New Epiphone OR Used Gibson?

    It all comes down to the neck for me when it comes to deciding between guitars, see if you can find a store near you with both in stock and give em a try.
  2. Tanner

    New Band, New EP; Dedsun's EP0

    Hey everyone! A couple years ago, I joined my friends band on bass as a temporary fill-in. I wasn't terribly good at bass, but competent enough to fill in. 2 years later, we've finally put out the first of 3 EP's we're releasing over the next couple years. Can't really put a finger on what we...
  3. Tanner

    MIJ Strats, you like 'em?

    I had a really nice E-series strat for a little bit, one of the best strats I've played. Had to sell it a few months ago to pay the bills, but I got a buddy trying to sell his that I'm trying to bargain with
  4. Tanner

    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    I've had a Fulldrive 2 mosfet on my board for almost 8 years now, still one of my favorite pedals. While I don't use it as my primary dirt pedal anymore, it sounds great behind a big muff to give it a little more top end bite
  5. Tanner

    Your top ten favorite albums of the 1980's

    1. Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair 2. Kate Bush - Hounds of Love 3. The Cure - Disintegration 4. My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything 5. New Order - Technique 6. The Smiths - The Queen is Dead 7. Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz 8. Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges 9. Galaxie 500 - On Fire...
  6. Tanner

    Show of hands on who's doing a pre-order on a 2020?

    Trying to decide between a Special or a 61 SG, most likely gonna pull the trigger on a special though
  7. Tanner

    gibson relesed a gibson 70s tribute BASS

    That's what I'm doing right now! My friend is selling a 70s Grabber G3 right now. I'm inbetween getting his or one of these tributes. However, I'm having trouble getting any firsthand accounts from people that have either used/owned the Tribute or have used/owned both. The main reason I'm...
  8. Tanner

    Hello? Any old members around?

    I'm still here, gonna be 10 years soon I think. Not too active anymore, though
  9. Tanner

    Gender neutral bathrooms

    My MIL is Downtown nearby Neiman Marcus, we're down in that area a few times a month at least. Let's grab a drink sometime!
  10. Tanner

    Gender neutral bathrooms

    I went to UTD but moved to Denton last month since my wife's wanting to start going to TWU. Great town, terrible indie hipster kids though with their heads so far up their asses it comes right back out their mouth
  11. Tanner

    Gender neutral bathrooms

    I see a lot of gender-neutral restrooms around Denton, which is a hipster city in general. I don't care as long as you dont miss the toilet and wash your hands
  12. Tanner

    Geez.........only 30 grand!

    I've been using more or less the same drum setup for the past 10 years, except with a couple more crash cymbals for the hell of it. Any time I use any kit bigger than a 4-piece I kinda feel lost.
  13. Tanner

    It's The Weekend.... What Ya Doing?

    My buddy and I went to a few halloween parties over the past few days, me as Freddie Mercury and him as a priest. Lotsa fun!
  14. Tanner

    Do you use the "fly" on underwear?

    My wife always thought it was weird that I do that, shows the kinds of guys she's been with before I guess
  15. Tanner

    Which MiJ stratocasters are worth a try?

    I have a mid 80s MIJ Fender Contemporary strat that I love, best strat I've ever played.
  16. Tanner

    Some YouTube “sensations” should stay on YouTube.

    The only talk show I bother watching is Norm Macdonald Has A Show, on netflix. And even that isn't nearly as good as Nor Macdonald Live
  17. Tanner

    Beers that suck...

    Idk, I'll drink any beer. In fact I'm usually drinking Miller Lite 90% of the time Not a fan of most IPAs though. Dale's Pale Ale, Elysium Spacedust, and Arrogant Bastard Ale are a few exceptions tho.
  18. Tanner

    NGD - Brian May Red Special

    Oh hey, I think I've seen you in the Red Special Forum group on facebook!
  19. Tanner

    Rumor has it Gibson is doing something with Epiphone. I like the new headstock, reminds me of the headstocks on 89/90 MIK Epi Les Pauls
  20. Tanner

    NGD - Brian May Red Special

    It's a little neck heavy, not too much though. I adjusted the strap a little higher than I normally would on a Strat or LP though and haven't had issues since then. I'm also not a fan of neck heavy guitars, main reason why I could never bond with an SG. It's not nearly as dramatic on the RS...

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