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  1. Bing17

    2005 Gibson Slash Signature Custom Shop

    $3599.00 plus shipping. Paypal Used 2005 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Slash VOS with Piezo, original Gibson case, and COA. This guitar has a slim 60s style neck, Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups, and Fishman piezo pick up. This guitar has never been played out (studio only), and is in...
  2. Bing17

    1997 Gibson J185 Historic $1750 OBO

    1997 Gibson J185 Historic acoustic guitar with original Gibson Historic case. Aside from slight pick marks on the top, this guitar is in immaculate condition. No scratches or buckle rash on the back to speak of. It has a Sitka Spruce top, highly flamed maple back and sides, mahogany neck and...
  3. Bing17

    1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard

    A tobaccoburst 1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard with rare ebony board. I plan on removing the Bigsby and vibromate (no holes drilled) and replacing the original stop bar. Original 1986 Tim Shaws. No breaks, cracks, damage or repairs, just a lot of play mojo (which is how I like my guitars)...
  4. Bing17

    Test Mix Guitars are incomplete; still a few parts to add. Is it me or does everything just become a wash of noise through the chorus? Bring down guitars? Backing vocals? Thanks for the help
  5. Bing17

    Mix help

    In advance, thank you for listening. Preface: I am aware of the uneven tempo of this recording; it was intentional. The only part recorded to a click was the coda, or, outro. The idea behind the arrangement of this cover was to use minimal instrumentation throughout the song and to use an...
  6. Bing17

    Another mix review

    For whatever reason, I always liked this tune and felt like doing a cover of it. There was nothing particularly challenging in respect to the performance and I don't particularly like the voice I used to sing with, but it seemed to suit the song without over-singing it. The cross talk needs...
  7. Bing17

    Compositing help.

    I love recording. I love laying down vocal tracks, I enjoy learning a guitar part and laying it down. I really like the production aspect of writing in new parts and making changes to a song during the recording phase. I DETEST MIXING. I can't seem to get anything to sound the way I hear it...
  8. Bing17

    Newest Zemaitis addition

    I have a metal top made for my black ( Greco) Zemaitis and I had a jeweler make the custom bridge out of sterling silver,a Brown (Greco) Zemaitis with MOP boarder; now this one just arrived today, an early 90's Zemaitis handmade replica by Deviser (the pickups were replaced with Slash SD's :
  9. Bing17

    Tube overdrive

    Does anyone know how to get that overdriven tube sound on a vocal, like Paul Rogers on "All Right Now"? I believe it was an overdriven tube compressor (Lenny Kravitz uses this a lot with vintage gear) that gets that sound or even the old boards, but I would like to get that sound digitally. Is...
  10. Bing17

    2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard plus top.

    2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard plus top in excellent condition. Serial number is 030116xx. It has a flamed/ figured maple top in Light Burst finish and 59 neck (not overly fat). Weighing 9.7 pounds. This guitar has several nice upgrades. The pickups are Seymour Duncan '59's (matched set)...
  11. Bing17

    Freddy G

    Freddy G Let me begin by saying I’ve always enjoyed reading Freddy G’s posts here in the Recording Studio forum. He’s knowledgeable, experienced and always willing to share these virtues with us here and in other sections of the MLP forum. While it has been said here...
  12. Bing17

    The BEST guitarists of their era

    I've listened to a lot of people make comparisons between guitar virtuosoes like Yngwie Malmsteen to Eddie Van Halen, or Buckethead to Slash, and go on about how much better they were than the other; how Eddie Van Halen and Slash aren't nearly as good as Yngwie or Buckethead. I think it's a...
  13. Bing17

    Mix Review.

    I admit, I am no engineer. This is an acoustic cover of Ziggy Stardust for a video contest my girlfriend's son in entering, honoring the 40-year anniversary of the LP The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. It's piano, guitar, vocals and a tambourine; pretty simple. He...
  14. Bing17

    1982 Gibson "The V" flametop

    1982 Gibson “The V”. Heritage Cherry Sunburst Flame top, ebony fingerboard, highly flamed maple neck. A few nicks on back and very light swirling but great condition for a 30 year old guitar. All original, 1982 Tim Shaw era Dirty fingers pickups. Original hard shell case included.
  15. Bing17

    Is a Les Paul happy meal next?

    People become so spellbound by brands, they simply stop thinking. Take “McDonald's” for example. Even though we are aware their ‘Chicken Nuggets” are made from a pulp of white chicken meat formed to shape, people still eat that shit. They (Mickey D’s) make sure it is seasoned properly...
  16. Bing17

    A belated Christmas gift.

    Last night the moms (mom has a twin, thus, the "moms") handed me a box, a belated Christmas gift of sorts. To my surprise... and upon opening the waterproof case discovered... Contents: two blankets, a magnesium fire starter, compass, whistle, signal mirror, survival knife...
  17. Bing17

    Post a Picture: You. Les Paul and your pet

    It seems whatever I am doing, writing, folding laundry, and especially playing guitar or piano, there she is, my biggest fan. Post a picture of you, your Les Paul and your pet. I will start this off with a shot of me recording a part last night.
  18. Bing17

    Merry Christmas

    This year, I landed a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special. My first P90 loaded guitar. I can't wait until tomorrow to plug it in once it is officially mine. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and happy holidays
  19. Bing17


    1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar
  20. Bing17

    Pro Tools 9

    Anyone here have experience with the newest version of Pro Tools LE? I just updated my OS on my iMac to Snow Leopard and increased my RAM from 1 to 4 gig and I can't wait to dig in. There have been many changes, most important to me, latancy issues have been addressed! Also, Pro Tools no longer...

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