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    Epi 1275 Pup Replacement-Need Advise

    I have 490/498 pups I would like to drop in to replace the Epi pups. The current pups are wired direct to the 3 way pup switch with the black wires on each pup soldered to the right and left post of the switch. The white wires on each pup are soldered to the center post of the switch. The...
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    Mag Swap 490/498 Pup

    I have read many threads on swapping the magnets on these pups. Well I had time yesterday and did it and am very pleased with the results. The pups are much more balanced now. It got to the point where I stopped playing out on my SG because of the vast tonal differences between the 2 pups. The...
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    Gold Top Tele

    Picked up a '05 Fender gold top tele in mint condition. It has a Dimarzio tone zone pup in the bridge and Air Norton in the neck. Its tone is on the darker side. This was a special run for '05 only. You don't see these all too often but not rare. The back of mine is stained dark brown...
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    NGD Chrome Red Strat

    Recently picked up this MIA chrome red strat through my local CL for $425. Gigged with it last night through my Orange Rocker 30 amp and it was incredible. Original pups are on the hot side. It is a 2003 American Standard 100% stock. 1 small ding in the back...besides that it is in near mint...
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    NGD-SG Std-11

    Picked this up few days ago for less than 7-c notes off CL. Seller bought it from GC about 6 months ago. It was made on 8/4/11 with rosewood fretboard. In mint condition with 490/498 pups. I will keep these in for a few months and stuff some Gib 57's or SD 59's in it. Big fat '50's neck and love...
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    WTB-Black SG Std

    Looking for a Black SG Std 80's-'05 timeframe. Will not use E-bay other than a pricing benchmark. Prefer local CL but nothing there at the moment.
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    Fender Gang

    Few of my Fenders that I have collected over time. 1995 American Std Strat in Candy Apple Red Limited Edition 2010 American Special Strat in Olympic White 2003 Highway One Strat in Saphire Blue 2003 Telecaster in Flame Cherry Burst
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    '73 Goldtop Deluxe

    Someday I will drop some P90's into this. She's in pretty good shape as she prepares for her 40th anniversary. I posted a thread on it last year but never proceeded. Thinking it needs a set of Lollars to wake up as it hibernates in the closet. The mini's look cool but they are marginal in the...
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    Faded Brown 2008 Studio

    Advertised in my local CL for $475. Usually these are $650-750. Looks to be in very good condition. I know the newer Studios do not compare to the early 90's Studios in quality/workmanship however I have played a few newer ones at GC and they were playable. Any Les Paul under $500 gets my...
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    To P90 or not

    Thinking on dropping in some Lollar P90's into my '73 GT Deluxe. It's all original except the tuners. The mini buckers are ok but lack output. I have read alot of P90 threads and the only negative thing I really find are P90's can be noisy. This guitar has been a closet queen and I only play it...
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    Just wondering if you like your Les Paul's with or without pickguards? I like them with pickguards on all models except the goldtops.
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    Les Paul Set

    Just sharing my pride and joys: 1991 Wine colored LP Studio: 1973 Goldtop LP Deluxe: