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  1. captdan61

    What Guitar Stuff Do You Plan To Do While At Home?

    Not sure how tweaking your muff will help your guitar playing! But there are some questions a gentleman should refrain from asking. Enjoy ma'am.
  2. captdan61


    I have a 2016 R9 before that I had a 2014 R9 the pickguard on this guitar seems floppy not rigid I can easily when I am playing I can hear it bouncing off the top of the guitar is that common is just a piece of ass for a pickguard? Who makes a really good solid pickguard the lovely guitar but...
  3. captdan61

    Some Flame for Friday!

  4. captdan61

    Reseller Top Grading or Gibson Factory Grading

    My ! If i could steal it from you. Kidding darn nice.
  5. captdan61

    Would it be Inappropriate to Put Reflector Knobs on My 50s Standard?

    Peter Green did it. Gary Moore left it that way. It's your guitar make it the way you want it. Just keep the original knobs.
  6. captdan61

    Would it be Inappropriate to Put Reflector Knobs on My 50s Standard?

    Peter Green did it. Gary Moore left it that way.
  7. captdan61

    Aging a New Les Paul Junior

    just gig the shit out of it. Make it your main guitar for 10 years just play hell out of it play it everywhere planted outdoor shows indoor shows in the cold in the Heat beat the crap out of it leave the strings on too long change the hardware if you want everything else will come in time I have...
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    How Do You Treat Your Les Pauls?

    Is that wine red? Or ox blood? It reminds me of my first new les paul i got in the mid seventies. Wish i still had it.
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    Does Anyone Here Gig With Their R8 or R9?

    I have to disagree I wanted my ar9 since I was a teenager and I saw my first iced tea colored univox Les Paul copy. It was at a store in Seattle called The Magic Flute and I will always remember that guitar couldn't afford it years later like my 50th birthday I was going to buy it instead I...
  10. captdan61

    Does Anyone Here Gig With Their R8 or R9?

    I bought a 2014 R9 which I gigged heavily eventually got to warp up the neck sadly when I said it to Gibson they said they couldn't fix it would seem like crazy thing to say but they gave me a 2016 that I was able to pick out of what they had in the custom shop and since I got that I've been...
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    R8 2017 fretboard Quality issue

    I had a 2014 that was absolutely glorious and it developed a little twist in the neck just a little while and then a cup around the 15 front I figured that worst case scenario the dent the fretboard off it and then sand it down and worst case scenario sand down the neck replace the front board...
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    Let's See Your First LP; Details, and Do You Still Have It?

    I got my first Les Paul from Uptown music at their first location in Seattle Washington back in about 76. I had no idea what I wanted or which color I should get so I just asked to bring me guitars and close my eyes and strum to my wait for one to just sound and feel better to me after I chose...
  13. captdan61

    What's The Best Sounding Les Paul You Played?

    My R9 both my old one which is a 2014 and my new one which is a 2016 fantastic guitars custom wound Rick Norman pickups great sound! But I was also lucky enough to get to play a vintage 57 les paul jr. I think the jr is the best guitar I have ever played.
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    Good Article on Innovation - Gibson and Fender

    I think the guitar should be a guitar. A traditionally built well crafted and beautiful instrument. The electronics should be where innovation happens. Some of fenders new neck tapers are just great. And i guess im getting to be a old guy at 56. But the changes improvements and inovations in the...
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    Average Weight of The Les Pauls on This Forum

    I have one that has P -90's it weighs 10 pounds. And my R9 weighs 8.5 pounds. I jave esquire that weighs 6.2 that ive been playing alot.
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    The BFG

    Heck of Gibson made him look that pretty I'd buy one
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    The Evolution Of The "Bar Gig"

    Perhaps to feel artistically fulfilled.these days you need to be in a few bands. Some designed to make money.( And I agree new country sounds like a lot of old 70's rock.) I would love to play heavy rock. And also play instrument jazz with a keyboard player. But still enjoy some blues and rock...
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    Just huffing nitro!

    Just huffing nitro!
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    2018 Gibson Brazilian Les Paul Standard Thread

    Both are just lovely. I would love to see a faded tobacco burst version or the burst I've seen called slow ice tea. But these are great!!
  20. captdan61

    1955/59 Conversion

    Very nice! Great job.