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  1. MusicMan

    Epiphone || Showcase your axe...

    Holy crap! That thing is SMOKIN'!
  2. MusicMan

    Incoming SG Special

    Any pics other than the sweetwater ones?
  3. MusicMan

    Incoming SG Special

    Any updates?
  4. MusicMan

    NGD: SG Custom

    This may be a silly question, but I have to ask because i have no experience wiith them... How are the Epiphone tuners? This is the model that I'm most interested in and was a bit disappointed they didn't come with grovers.. Beautiful guitar by the way!
  5. MusicMan

    NGD: 2020 Epi Les Paul Custom

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed this and not just on the Custom either.
  6. MusicMan

    NGD! Epiphone Tommy Thayer Electric Blue Les Paul!

    That is awesome! Love sparkly guitars :)
  7. MusicMan

    The 80s SG Standard in Ivory - 1983

    Indeed I do.. it is the perfect guitar for me.. I like lots of other guitars, of course, but none compare to the SG
  8. MusicMan

    Thoughts on Boss Katana?

    I just got a Katana 50 version 1 on Tuesday and I love it! The amp is great on its own, but IMO really comes alive with the tone studio (free software for the amp) There are a lot of options that you can't access from the top panel, it really opens up the options.
  9. MusicMan

    Post Your SG !

    Nice man... you definitely have a stellar collection of SG's!!
  10. MusicMan

    Bought a new SG Standard

    I played on identical to yours on Tuesday, phenomenal guitars! Congrats!
  11. MusicMan

    The 80s SG Standard in Ivory - 1983

    Those are damn fine SG's right there!!!!
  12. MusicMan

    Post Your SG !

    My 2018 Standard just got it yesterday.
  13. MusicMan

    NGD: PRS CE22

    Awesome guitar! Congrats! I've had both the wraparound and trem versions of the CE, they are really nice.
  14. MusicMan

    NGD, Original Series SG Junior. Outstanding!!!

    Beautiful, congrats!
  15. MusicMan

    NGD 2005 SG Standard

    Very nice! Used to have an '05, great guitar
  16. MusicMan

    NGD - My First Gibson Les Paul

    I tried this out with a DSL 40C... It was glorious lol, but the amp I'm planning to get is a Katana 50. Love Marshall's, but the Katana does eveything I need and is fairly affordable
  17. MusicMan

    NGD - My First Gibson Les Paul

    Couldn't agree more... A new outside shot
  18. MusicMan

    NGD - My First Gibson Les Paul

    Cream poker chip and mounting rings.. I'd say once I change the switch tip, she'll be perfect.. Haven't made up my mind about a pickguard yet..
  19. MusicMan

    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    2018 Studio