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  1. Tomburst

    NGD: CC22 Colletti. '59 Custom

    Hi chaps bought this about a month ago. I've always loved the look of a 3pup black beauty but never had one before or even played one. But this came up for sale so I watched for a while drooling and researching and of course it ate away at me and I pulled the trigger. No regrets. I like a fuller...
  2. Tomburst

    Overdue NGD Goldtop CC12

    Had this cc12 #175 for several months now but never posted at the time. We all like to show off our babies tho don't we. There were a few threads on these when they first appeared and I got interested in this cc from the start as id never had a goldtop but always liked the look of them,the neck...
  3. Tomburst

    Overdue NGD CC15 Gregburst

    Had this a while now but hav never uploaded any pics so here we go. Greg Marin cc15 #067 8lbs15oz Neck profile very similar to my Shanks but a touch smaller in the hand at the first few frets. This has the best treble pup sound of any Lester I've ever had. Aggressive but really sweet. Reads...
  4. Tomburst

    Good Peter Green burst footage

    Some good sound and video here of Gary Moore playin greeny. Maybe you've seen it before but I hadn't and thought it was worth postin. Go to 1:10 for the guitar,great band though. Maybe should post in vintage section but was thinkin of cc1. Anyway who wouldn't like the tone and look of this guitar??
  5. Tomburst

    Overdue NGD. 2009 Murphy aged R9.

    Hopefully post some pics now from my iPhone (thanx retrobob & mudface). Had this guitar for couple years now but never posted pics of any of my lesters so here we go. This guitars a real sweetie. The details: 2009 Murphy aged R9 9.0lbs exactly Burstbuckers read rhythm 7.45 treble 7.85 Never...
  6. Tomburst

    Free Fallin 2009 murphy R9

    we know that tom petty died and I enjoyed what music of his that I knew. Made me think to post some footage of my 2009 r9 murphy. First historic i got and I still have it. I went to a local jam night and got asked up and the house band went into free fallin. Get the nod to do a solo at 1:15 and...
  7. Tomburst

    Gibson CC#7 shanks NGD

    I've had my shanks #111 for well over a year now,and I posted about it at the time that I bought it new. Many of us know how good these are. It's now boxed up in the loft with my cc15 and Murphy R9. I always had it in the back of my mind to be on the lookout for another as I feel that for...
  8. Tomburst

    The fab tone of a 2009 Murphy R9 burst

    Thought I'd post this youtube clip as it gives a good idea of the clean(ish) tone of my 09 murphy burst. Was at a jam night here in the north of England,the lovely Natasha decided to sing free fallin' and I got to sit in. Got the nod for a solo at 1:15 and so the burst (called Daisy) lets her...
  9. Tomburst

    My R9 Murphy appears in Kutiman video

    Got a bit of a shock earlier when a friend sent me a link for a vid she had seen on youtube. I hadn't heard of Kutiman,but apparently he takes various unrelated clips from youtube and 'mashes' them together to create his own thing. Anywho,the important thing is that a fine lester,my 2009 R9...