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    My favorite band since Alice in Chains, easily. They are cartoonishly satanic, pop rock, metal. I first heard them in 2010, never thinking they would go anywhere. I've seen them five times now... Selling out theaters and even the LA Forum...Just, What? lol That's insane.
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    Super Mario Odyssey?

    Are there any Nintendo fans out there?
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    Gerbils are ALIENS!

    Gerbils are not supposed to enter a mofo's bunghole. Therefore, the gerbil is an ALIEN! A foreign body! 1: Gerbils are aliens. 2: Gerbil skeletons in a mofo's bunghole.
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    Raleighwood teaser..

    Me R9.. We had people posing for pics with that one. :laugh2: '60 Junior. I got to play it and Greg didn't. My new friends at Guru Guitars.. More to come...
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    Internet stalking, high post count-a-phobes, assorted weirdness.

    Looks like there's going to be some trouble at the show... Remember that guy that was on my case for no reason a couple of months ago? Well, he's back with a different attitude all of the sudden... My Les Paul Forums - View Profile: Boleskinehouse .. First message. I'm sorry, but I ain't...
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    Another Cookie creation...

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    Ahhhh! Cookie!

    Cookie sent this in the mail... :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    I said it would never happen.

    I'm seriously considering making the switch to SGs permanently. I've been playing Les Pauls for over 20 years and it is getting to the point that my back just can't handle them anymore. It's not all about the weight. I have some very light examples, but running an automatic screen printing...
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    Happy Birthday Jomo!

    :applause: Next year you'll be old. :laugh2:
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    Happy Birthday Crazy McLooney Bin!!!

    Epic thread starter. :laugh2:
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    The Aftermath Of Tammy Faye's Latest Binge.

    Before we begin, I must say that I HATE Triburst. I really, REALLY despise Triburst. But sometimes you pick up a guitar and it speaks to you. Everything is there but the look, ya know? So.. You can either get it refinished to suit your tastes, or you can just say frak it and go all out...
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    Played a Raw Power yesterday..

    And it was great! :shock: A used Platinum.. I couldn't believe how good it was and it was very light.. Aren't they all maple? Just like this.. I also played an Alpine White Studio with black chrome hardware, uncovered black bobbins, and push/pulls.. It was awesome as well and looked...
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    Don't you hate it when....

    You're out of absolutely everything all at once and you have to make a MASSIVE trip to the grocery store? Shopping trip of doom looms on the horizon. :laugh2::laugh2:
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    Happy Birthday Nbeersiii!

  15. Boleskinehouse

    Happy Birthday Pesky!!

    :dude::dude: mrpesca...:laugh2:
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    Conway Twitty Is More Awesome Than You.

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    South Carolina Show Mystery Guitar...

    An older gentleman approached me after seeing my '76 Deluxe at the show. He told me the story of his 1956 goldtop that he's had since new. In the early '60s, his wife had "knocked it over" and the neck got destroyed in the process. :shock: He had Gibson repair it in 1965 and in addition to a...
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    Trusting The Gorton's Fisherman.

    Do any of you actually trust the Gorton's fisherman? I don't know that asshole, so how can I trust him? What if you go to the store and buy a box of frozen fish triangles and end up spewing from both ends for a week? Would you still trust the Gorton's fisherman? That dude catches a lot...
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    I've been in such a horrible mood the last few days..

    Does anyone else get into a shit mood, for days, for no apparent reason? I've been feeling unbelievably frustrated and on-edge. I'm not looking forward to this SC show, I'm getting easily annoyed by every little thing.. It's starting to freak me out and that's making it worse. :rolleyes...
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    I really dig it so far... That's all for now. :laugh2: