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    Could be a single cut

    Looks like it could be quite rare and vintage single cut. Possibly great price for it, considering the history :hmm:
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    Zenmarket, has anyone used them?

    Stumbled on a site called Zenmarket. Same type as Jauce, Rink and so on. They claim 0% service fee. 300 yen for each item, no matter what it is. Can use PP and CC and they ship via all the regular methods. ANother interesting thing they have is, if you enter YJ url and search it, ti will show...
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    Buyee increases EMS shipping fees

    Just got this email from them. Prices for shipping are going up, if using EMS Dear Valued Customers, Thank you for using Buyee. We would like to inform you that Japan Post has made an...
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    Buyee changes its fee structure

    Just got email today from Buyee announcing that they have changed their fees. For Yahoo Auctions, their fee went from 10% down to 5% For shopping, which I dont think too many people here do, from 5% to 0%. This includes Rakuten as well Some other things as well. See more here: 料金...
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    Tramp stamp Bacchus flying V is on ebay?

    Just looking at what is offered on fleabay and noticed that tramp stamp Bacchus V is listed. I know that a member on here got it about a year or so ago (i remember cause I bid on this guitar as well on YJ haha) Dont remember who it was, and didnt see it in the classifieds on here. Figured...
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    Screw you zen*****, whoever you are

    Lost out on this beauty today from zen***** bidder :( He really wanted it, and I had to get out of bidding war with him. Looks to be 1999 Edwards, has Navigator style serial and FEB as well. Sucks!
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    Bit the bullet on this Nav

    Watched this one for a bit, price went down over and over. At 100K I figured I'll go in. Not too much info, which is always great (not really) Believe it is 2001+, looking at truss rod location. One of the questions to the seller was about the year and he believes it is 01 from the serial #...
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    Navigator vs Crews vs Bacchus vs... high end models

    It seems that newer Navis are put at the top of the "food chain", if you will, when it comes to newer high end guitars. This is with good reason of course. What I was wondering is, how much difference really is there between navi 380/480 and other high end models. Specs for all look quite the...
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    How many pieces do you see?

    I am looking at few pics of this guitar and my mind and eyes are playing tricks on me. Sometimes I see 1 piece back, sometimes 2 and sometimes 3+. Same with front. How many pieces do you see?
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    Mystery repainted 1982 Tokai LS-? has arrived

    So after a bit of wait my BIN repainted 1982 Tokai has arrived. Few pics that were in the listing didnt show cavity nor had idea of what model it was. I knew it was minimum LS-80 but no idea if any higher. I see an outline of model number sticker underneath the serial number, but there is no...
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    Interesting copy/replica/watever it is

    Saw an interesting/copy/replica/fake (not even sure what to call it really) Looks to be 1 piece top and 1 piece back. Chambered and light. Has serial MR 1122. Like I said no idea what it is and what to classify it as, but to me it just looked really neat. Could be a run of the mill fake...
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    Need help with decision

    I am getting rid of some guitars, or am in the process of getting my ass in gear to get rid of them. There are 2 guitars that I was thinking of getting when opportunity arises. That would be early 80s Tokai LS-80, and a newer Nav (380 most likely) Not in a hurry to get either, so that is fine...
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    LS-80 vs NLP380/480

    Seeing how some of the early 80's Tokai LS-80's have reached Nav prices, that got me wondering. Which guitars would be considered as better? Obviously difference is old vs new, but looking at the specs of 1980 LS-80 and newer Nav 380/480 specs are close. If you had a choice, which one would...
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    Why do sellers end listings early?

    I have noticed in last few days sellers on YJ ending auctions early without any bids. There was a Nav 380 custom, listing for 1 day only. Starting bid 100K, BIN 150K. With 10 hours to go, listing cancelled with no bids. Saw old Edwards custom. Starting bid 20K, BIN 30K. Had 1 bid (20K) with...
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    Interesting Q&A with Shohei Adachi, President of Tokai Gakki

    Was looking around, and found interesting set of questions posted to Shohei Adachi, President of Tokai Gakki. perhaps a repost, but it is from 05, so maybe not. Tokai Forum - a subsidiary of :: View topic - Q&A's with Mr. Shohei Adachi, president of Tokai Gakki
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    Now I've done it

    Saw this OBG for sale listed today: Looked and looked and thought about it. Ended up using BIN. Perhaps overpaid a bit due to no pickups, but we'll see. Seller says it is Rosewood fretboard, but no idea if it actually is. Looks too dark in the crappy pic...
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    Fake, modified or lack of knowledge on my part Greco?

    Cant say I ever saw a fake Greco before, or any of the Japanese made guitars like Burny and Tokai either. Saw one Greco that looks strange to me, so wanted to see what it is, and if it is real or not. Wings on the headstock are lore pronounced, like in Gibson. i saw few MIJ guitars with wings...
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    Orange brand LP. Any info on them

    Saw another LP copy going by the name of Orange. Model is apparently OL-60. Cant find diddly anywhere about them. 3 piece front, 3 piece back. Any info on these? Cant read Japanese, so no idea what it says here haha No pics of cavity shots, so that doesnt help much.
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    Question on high end SGs

    Was thinking about this yesterday, and have no idea what the answer is. We all know about high end LPs from Greco, Tokai, Burny and so on. But are there any high end SGs from those same manufacturers? I am talking about old 80's/early 90s models just like LPs that folks always talk about on...
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    I have seen some strange mods, but this takes the cake

    Saw this Tokai for sale on YJ. Everything looks ok from the front (minus one missing tuner) Then you turn it around... What the hell was he thinking?? I just dont know what to say really. ★TOKAI レスポールスタンダード エレキギター★ジャンク品★ -...