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  1. cherrysunburst00

    Would you be intrested in a 5/1 watt 112 JCM 800?

    So, I squeezed in a (very) little time on my SL5 in 1 watt mode. Amazing. Got to thinking, I'd love to see a 112 JCM 800 Made in UK in 5/1 watt. Would you be interested?
  2. cherrysunburst00

    How did Edro get to be so wise?

    I mean seriously. The guy's always got the most profound witticism. I always walk a way feeling inspired and a tad bit wiser after reading his posts. 220 × 220
  3. cherrysunburst00

    Marshall Class 5 w/low power switch (5 watts/.1 watt) $350 shipped 48 Continental US only

    I recently picked up 2 Class 5 amps. This one is now up for MLP Brothers & Sisters to consider: Class 5 Amp with Low Power Switch (5 watts/.1 watt) A bit of cosmetic wear--I tried to show the tolex dings/rips/tears; Some tolex scuffs as well No funky smells Works great Continental US Shipping...
  4. cherrysunburst00

    600 open tabs, down from 652!

    Happy New Year to MLP. So, I'm closing down some of my tabs. I had 652 (wish I would have screen shotted it) down to 600 at the moment :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  5. cherrysunburst00

    slowing down software

    I have a Windows 10 computer and was interested in getting some software for slowing down guitar passages in order to try and decipher what they are doing. I have not purchased any in well over a decade, and what I had was mediocre at best. Any suggestions? Thank You.
  6. cherrysunburst00

    New Amp Day: Carr Mercury V

    My Beloved Mrs. csb surprised me with a Carr Mercury V in DALLAS COWBOYS color. It is incredible. The adjustable attenuator really does go down to "whisper quiet" You can play it unattenuated at 16 watts (2 6V6s) or hit the switch for 4 watts down to 0 watts (even quieter than the .10 of my...
  7. cherrysunburst00

    New Amp Day Dr Z Mini Z

    So this is my 3rd and FINAL Dr Z Mini Z 110 combo with attenuator. 5 watts tube (1 x EL84 and 1 x 12AX7) and sounds GREAT (also had 2 1x8 combo's with no attenutator). Ain't EVER getting rid of this one. NEVER. That's Mini Z on top of the Mini Z amp, and FJ on top of Mini Z.
  8. cherrysunburst00

    WTB: Mack Gem II head

    U.S. or Canadian sellers only, please. Please, no smokey smells and in pretty much near mint condition.
  9. cherrysunburst00

    What is the benefit of "bigger iron"

    I think I understand that "bigger iron" means larger transformers. And lots of people in the know feel that they make a huge difference. So what exactly do bigger transformers do? Beefier sound? More bottom end? What. Thanks, Homies
  10. cherrysunburst00

    Moving gif assistance? Please

    Since the upgrade, I have not been able to post moving gifs. The ever-popular dancing racoon only comes across as an image. I copy and paste the image as I always did, but now it is like a single frame
  11. cherrysunburst00

    Phone-wise, whacha got

    What say you?
  12. cherrysunburst00

    Marshall Origin 5 through a larger speaker?

    Anyone tried an Origin 5 through a larger speaker? Just started thinking about an Origin 5 or reacquiring my long-missed Class 5
  13. cherrysunburst00

    Speculations about Gibson dealer requirements

    I would love for my local guitar shop to deal Gibsons. They stopped back when Gibson required dealers to stock and move so many numbers--just unrealistic in my market. Any guesses about new management being more friendly to the independents or not?
  14. cherrysunburst00

    Amps You Have Either Reacquired or Are Thinking About Reacquiring

    Doggone. Why do I sell em? I only want them back. :facepalm: So, I have owned 2 Laney Lionheart L5's , and I'm thinking about getting a third, 1 Laney Studio 5 and fortunately, 1 just $old at a $TEAL of a price 2 Dr Z Mini Z's (v 1, 8"speaker) not looking for another 2 Dr Z Mini Z's (v...
  15. cherrysunburst00

    WTB Mack Gem II Head

    US or Canada sellers only, please, and no smokey or other strong smells.
  16. cherrysunburst00

    New Amp Day: The Valve 105 Bimbo

    OK, so I gots a New Amp to report. Italian job by the The Valve. Amp is called 105 Bimbo. Single EL34, 5 watts, and powerscaling. Such a shame they're outta bidness now. Absolutely AMAZING amp. WOW. Here's a pic with Marshall JCM1 in the background and my bestest playing buddy, FJ in the...
  17. cherrysunburst00

    Those of you with kids... your kids play guitar? If so, what type of music? What's their gear preferences? If I had kids, I wonder would they play? Would they like Old School hard/heavy rock? Would they like Gibson LPs (what about my Desert Star V being built?) Would they be fans of tube amps, modelers...
  18. cherrysunburst00

    WTB Cornell Plexi 7 112 combo

    I need for it to be in fantastic condition--no smoke or other foul smells, and no torn tolex. U.S. Seller only, please.
  19. cherrysunburst00

    WTB Valve 105 Bimbo combo or head

    I need it to be free of smoke smells (cigar, cigarette, maryjane, etc) and in terrific cosmetic shape. Head or 112 combo.
  20. cherrysunburst00

    The most LEGENDARY sig blocks?

    Some peeps gots the sig blocks turned off. A shame, 'cause some of them are so entertaining. My vote for the MOST legendary has gots ta be @DarrellV "Your request has been noted........One of our resident experts will be along shortly to provide you with the quality answer you deserve. I am...