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  1. anorton

    Chibson announces surgical masks added to case candy!

    As the subject suggests.
  2. anorton

    So, I Finally Figured Out Set-Up

    I'm with you. Eyes, hands, and ears work for me too.
  3. anorton

    NGD-50's les paul standar

    Looks damn good to me! How’s the feel and sound?
  4. anorton

    Another NGD: Gibson Les Paul DC Tribute

    Cool! Congratulations!
  5. anorton

    NGD: 2019 Chicago Music Exchange Les Paul Jr Tribute - Worn TV Yellow

    Very nice! Congratulations.
  6. anorton

    NGD - LP 50s Standard TS

    Congratulations! If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will. Happy NGD!
  7. anorton

    Rediscovering an old guitar

    My 2012 Classic Custom hadn’t been getting a lot of love the past year or so. Took it out, gave it a quick setup and man...yes, like a new guitar indeed. My Tele is next. Can’t remember the last time I played it.
  8. anorton

    Bored Today... So Here You Go

    Glad you were bored! Beautiful guitar.
  9. anorton

    Do You Humidify Your Electrics

  10. anorton

    I love my Les Paul

    Got my first one (Classic Custom) in 2012, which has taken a back seat to my 2019 Traditional the past year or so. Took out the CC two days ago and was blown away. Totally different guitar (60s neck, higher frets, 57s, baked maple board, etc.), but it was an absolute pleasure. Picked up the Trad...
  11. anorton

    My new(used) Les Paul Studio

    Sweet looking guitar! Love the wine red finish. Congratulations.
  12. anorton

    New Junior day!

    Gorgeous. Rock it!
  13. anorton

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC

    Where? I’m seeing them for $699, which is still good, but...
  14. anorton

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC

    Nice! The next Gibson I get will be one of these.
  15. anorton

    In need of a name

    The Old Lady.
  16. anorton

    Various Gibson Pics

    That’s a sweet collection! Good stuff.
  17. anorton

    NGD Classic

    That’s a beauty! Congratulations!
  18. anorton

    Fingertips kind of sticking to fretboard

    Thanks to everyone. I’ll give it a good cleaning and go from there. Funny that my first instinct was to put some product on it.
  19. anorton

    New Junior day!

    Sure is pretty. Congratulations!