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  1. stringbender11

    Anyone else here using/liking FB Marketplace?

    I've been using it quite a bit for last couple of months or so, though not for anything music related yet. It's come in really handy though for several items I was looking for - I bought an iron and ironing board (lol), an alarm clock, a part for my car, a camera, and TV stand recently. I like...
  2. stringbender11

    Wonder why Gibson never returned to making amplifiers..?

    You'd think with their financial problems and need to get more market share they might've returned to making amps. Maybe a nice line of solid state models, along with a couple of tube driven versions. I guess the obvious reason is that the amp market is so incredibly saturated already, it would...
  3. stringbender11

    A site with some really cool vintage guitars..

    Hope it's ok to post this here. I have no affiliation with this site, just thought it was cool because it as some really beautiful vintage - true vintage - LPs and Fenders. Some amazing guitars out there.
  4. stringbender11

    Anyone else here using CBD gummies or similar?

    So I bought a small container of cherry CBD gummies a couple of weeks ago on eBay. I got them because I read that although many people use them for anxiety/relaxation, they work well to help you sleep, too. I got them primarily for my wife who sometimes has trouble sleeping if she has a lot on...
  5. stringbender11

    What to see while we're in Myrtle Beach this weekend?

    My wife and I are driving to Myrtle Beach SC this weekend - we've never been before. We always find fun things to do wherever we go, but I thought I'd see if any MLP'ers have suggestions to throw out there about fun activities as well. TIA!
  6. stringbender11

    What FX used for lead in Frida's 'I know there's something going on'?

    I've always loved the lead in this song, which makes the guitar sound like it's crying. I realize it's been done many times before, but am wondering how the tone was achieved on this particular song. Would appreciate the experts here posting their opinions on what effects were used to get that...
  7. stringbender11

    What kind of antennas are free TV (no cable/satellite) MLP-ers using?

    So 20 years ago my wife and I decided to say f^ck you to the cable companies, ie 'the man' and have been watching just the free over-the-air channels ever since. Our current antenna set-up is one of those Mohu 'Leaf' antennas, it's flat and you can hide it behind a picture frame. Works at least...
  8. stringbender11

    Thinking of installing a Dimarzio Evolution PU in my Studio..

    I have a Dimarzio Evolution bridge PU I picked up a while ago, and was thinking of swapping out my Studio's factory bridge pickup with it. Thoughts? Would like to hear people's opinions of the likely resulting guitar sound - brighter, darker, flatter? TIA. :)
  9. stringbender11

    Anyone using an EVH combo amp or head?

    Posting yesterday in the 'EVH has jumped the shark' guitar thread got me wondering what the EVH amps are like as well. In fact I saw several used EVH heads at a local Guitar Center yesterday afternoon, and this made me even more curious. My main question is, are these amps meant to emulate the...
  10. stringbender11

    So what are my drop in replacement tuner options..?

    Yeah, I know this has been discussed before, but I'd still like to hear from you guys (and ladies) that have swapped out your stock LP tuners for something better. My old and beat up Studio's tuners - the factory green plastic (bum's teeth) style - suck ass. They're wobbly and loose and I'm...
  11. stringbender11

    Anyone bought a Slash AFD Special II yet?

    I saw those for the first time today in the new Musician's Friend catalog. Wow I really like it, seems like a really cool version of the Special II.
  12. stringbender11

    Saw a fake Gibby Pickup stamped 'Gibson' yesterday..

    I was at my favorite shop yesterday getting some work done on one of my guitars and my tech showed me a knockoff Gibby Explorer someone brought in, and when he pulled the bridge PU it had Gibson stamped in it. Of course it was a gold backed PU instead of silver, but I hadn't seen a fake before...
  13. stringbender11

    Tried out a new Chinese Epi Studio at GC today and.. was absolutely gorgeous! I wasn't there looking to buy anything, just went with my friend who was buying an acoustic. Finish was wine red with a really nicely figured rosewood board, and the workmanship on the guitar was outstanding all around. It was a seriously beautiful instrument...
  14. stringbender11

    How to adjust my truss rod?

    Was hoping for a little expert guidance here. My '97 Studio's neck seems to have a a lot of relief and I want to adjust the rod a bit to bring in a little back bow. I've adjusted the truss rods on my Fenders and acoustics, so I'm familiar with how they work to a certain degree. And I know to...
  15. stringbender11

    What are my compensated after-market Melody Maker off-set tail piece options?

    I have an '10 melody maker with an offset tail piece - like the ones the original MM's had back in the 50's. In other words not compensated. I was wondering if there are any options for that wont cost $100+ that are either compensated or intonateable. I found several for that fit posts that...
  16. stringbender11

    Anyone else feel like their G-string is always out of tune?

    On every electric guitar I've owned - including my current ones - the G string always sounds off. The intonation is fine on the guitars so it's not that. Basically if I tune the G string so it sounds good in an open D chord it will sound out of tune when playing an open G chord, and vice versa...
  17. stringbender11

    Anyone have some extra Gibby LP knobs?

    I recently got a beater Black Gibby LP Studio (my first Gibson!) that needs volume and tone knobs, and I was hoping a member here might have a set of speed knobs they'd be willing to give me. And yeah I realize I can buy them but was hoping someone might send me a set they dont need, as I...
  18. stringbender11

    Gonna repaint the face of my LP Studio.

    I have an Epi LP studio I rescued recently from a pawn shop. It was/is really beat up - lot's dings and scratches, but playing-wise is in great shape. Has very low, buzz-free action, and a very nice rosewood board. I also had a couple of used Gibby pickups put in it as well as changing out the...
  19. stringbender11

    I bought a LP with a splatter paint job -info?

    Hey everyone, I picked up a beat up black Epi LP today that has a green design all over the face similar to splatters. Does anyone have info on these guitars? It has block fret markers but no binding so I'm guessing this is a Studio of some sort? Any info would be appreciated, I can post pics...
  20. stringbender11

    So which Gibby & Epi parts are actually interchangeable?

    I'm really confused by many eBay auctions I see, as well as parts suppliers ads. Often parts are described as 'for Gibson or Epiphone' - but no parts are really interchangeable are they? My understanding is that the bridges use diff size posts, the tail pieces have diff widths, the knobs have...