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  1. douglennon

    Humbucker purge: Custombucker, OX4, Sheptone, Fishman and Dimarizo

    1. Gibson Custombuckers, taken out from 2017 1959 Murphy aged Les Paul. N: 7.98k-ohm and B: 8.32 k-ohm. $280 shipped. 4. Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker Nickel Set, brand new never been used. Comes with pots and box. $210 shipped 5. Dimarzio PAF master bridge, uncut lead, double cream. $60...
  2. douglennon

    Grosh Set Neck Brazilian Rosewood board 2006 '59 Cherry Burst

    2006 Grosh Set Neck Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard Great condition, 3D huge flame top! Brazilian Rosewood fretboard Nice '59 large/round neck 6100 frets Gibson Burstbucker pickups with A4 magnet Mahogany body/neck (incorrect info from the build sheet, it has Mahogany neck, not maple) I have...
  3. douglennon

    Gibson Historic Makeovers Custom Shop Les Paul 1959 CC#29

    2015 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Collector's Choice CC#29 Tamio Okuda with Historic Makeovers Deluxe package Vintage cherry red finish, in great condition and nature relic, it's hard get any closer to a real 1959! Couple upgrades and Historic Makeovers deluxe package comes with Mid '60s...
  4. douglennon

    Gibson Custom Shop 1958 R8 Les Paul Standard Reissue 2016 Ebony/black

    Rare Ebony/black R8 made back in 2016 If look closely, will see it's actually painted on the flame maple top! VOS version with stock custombucker pickups Nice big '58 neck profile Huge sounding and still remain the clarity of each note! Has a piece of paint chipped on the low strap bottom...
  5. douglennon

    FS Eastman SB57/n-BK

    One of the best non-G singlecut I had, very dynamic, punchy and warmth sounding. To me it's simply up there with the G reissues, but only 1/3 of the price. All stock with Lollar Imperial pickups, Jescar frets and Gotoh parts. The lollar set makes it have the old LP, "fat tele" sound...
  6. douglennon

    WTB Wizz premium clone pickups

    Looking a pair of Wizz premium clone pickups, standard A4 version, thanks.
  7. douglennon

    Gibson Ace Frehley 1959 Les Paul Standard 2015 Dirty Lemon Frehley Burst

    Selling my collection of 2015 Ace Frehley 1959 Les Paul Standard! I am the first owner, and keep her as a collector condition. Rarely play her (I only took her out of the case less than 5 times), and hate to see her lying in the closet so it's time let her have a new home. Wild stripe...
  8. douglennon

    Gibson 1997 "sweet cherry" 1958 Les Paul custom shop reissue

    Selling one of my collection, the rare "Sweet Cherry"! Limited run back in '97, great condition. There are some kind of tonal magic on the '97 R8 (I have two), They both sound big, wide and resonate for DAYS! Weight 9.0 lbs with Faber Al tailpiece (the original Zinc one is included) Typical R8...
  9. douglennon

    Flame!! Gibson Custom Shop 1959 59 R9 reissue Les Paul 2013 Bourbon Burst

    Gibson Custom Shop 1959 59 R9 reissue Les Paul 2013 Bourbon Burst Excellent condition! Super flamey and clean. Neck is straight, truss rod works well with plenty of frets left. Like all the praise of '13 reissue, she is also a tone BEAST! Nearly perfection except a light scratch on the lower...
  10. douglennon

    2016 Gisbon Custom Shop 1957 R7 Les Paul reissue

    2016 Gisbon 1957 R7 Les Paul reissue If you are looking for a "Tele on steroid" Les Paul, this is the ONE. From all the Les Paul I have (not much but at least >20, and most of them are post 2013 reissues), she got the most twangy sound among all. Mint condition, no ding, clean, all original...
  11. douglennon

    Price updated!! Grosh Set Neck Brazilian Rosewood 2004 Gold Top

    Grosh Set Neck Brazilian Rosewood 2004 Gold Top Very early and rare model with non-weight relieved solid Mahogany Only the first 52 set neck models were made with solid body Weight 9.2 lbs, which is fairly light consider the body size is slightly larger than a Les Paul. Specs as: Mahogany...
  12. douglennon

    SOLD! Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1959 Makeover Mod. 2014 Ocean Blue

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1959 Makeover Mod. 2014 Ocean Blue Les Paul traditional made in 2014 are known to be very similar to the reissue models. Solid Mahogany without weight relief! And this baby is crazy light, only 8.08lbs! You won't find a USA one without chamber/weight relief this...
  13. douglennon

    2017 Gibson "re-purposed" CC#29, 1958 R8 VOS Les Paul

    I decided to keep her!!