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    Did Epi change there website recently

    Haven't checked the epiphone website for a while. Did it last night. Where are all the guitars they used to sell, like the: Prophecy, Tribute, custom, etc. Has they been done away with? I looked at andersons, they list more gibsons than Epi's now, huh?????? Is this because of the new...
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    This has been nagging at me!!

    I remember reading on some forum when Gibson released there 2019 customshop 59 that it was not a true recreation. And someone asked the question, why it wasn't. The answer came back (from another forum member) was something to do with either the tailpiece or bridge angle had been changed since...
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    Are Probuckers the same as Bustbuckers

    I've been trying to find out this out for a while and i can't find much information online. What i mean is are they almost identical in there design and the way they sound?
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    Is this a quality issue

    Picked up a new guitar, today (frampton, LE) everything seems okay with it, except a patch on the ebony fretboard seemed worn and there was a lot of dust on the guitar overall, maybe from the factory. I called the shop, they said it was a brand new one. Would you consider this normal for ebony...
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    Import question in EU.

    A simple question I hope. I live in the UK and I am thinking about buying a guitar from France that has a rosewood fingerboard. It was made back in 2010. Will there be any trouble if the vender posts it to the UK? Does it need paperwork? Nothing to do with brexit. Thanks
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    Is this a chinese made Prophecy?

    Just that I find it interesting. Not an expert myself. I'm new here by the way as well. Do they stamp the serial numbers into the neck on Chinese Epiphones. I always thought they use stickers, but could be wrong. Mine has a sticker, but i have GX model. Maybe its an older model...
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    Help with Epiphone Prophecy GX info

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this guitar. I'm trying to figure out if the fingerboard is Rosewood or Ebony. I've trawled through a lot sites that say both. Some retailers/websites say Ebony, but i think they may have old stock. From what i can gather, from the...